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Monday, March 1, 2010

Lost- good vs evil theme / Adam and Eve skeletons

Possible spoiler at the end!! Beware!!

I think the writers have said that good and evil is a theme- I could be wrong. I’m getting that vibe anyway. The way Locke explains backgammon to Walt kind of sets that up at the beginning. The game and opposing sides are brought up in the tic tac toe game between Hurley and Miles most recently. At the tie, Miles isn’t surprised. Maybe the theme is not necessarily that good will win out, but that good and evil will always be there or something like that. Perhaps Backgammon was used to set up the dark and light good and evil theme and the tic tac toe to represent the age old struggle (seemingly a stalemate) between good and evil.

Some think Jacob and Smoky are the same person; I tend not to think so- or hope it’s not the case.

Jacob is thought by many to be the good in the good vs evil yin and yang theme - light clothes/ led Jack and Hurley to the lighthouse / the boy with blood on his hands was illuminated (if this is indeed young Jacob) but, he lies and manipulates people’s courses or “choices” to make them go to the island, so that’s not too good.

It reminds me of when I started to doubt which was good and which was evil with the Losties and the Others and Ben’s lies. I wonder if Jacob will turn out to be like Ben…

“Smoky” has killed and that isn’t good, but is this a divine justice sort of thing or is it malicious? Some accuse God of being cruel for what is done in the old testament and it looks that way if you don’t know the whole story. Perhaps we don’t know enough of “Smoky” to see him as good. It would make a good plot twist to make him seem evil, but really be the good, but that one may be a little too played out.

Adam and Eve skeletons- I think the writers have said this is a significant plot point, but I could be wrong. Everyone’s trying to guess who they are.

Rose and Bernard- I think I’ve heard the writers say they like these two characters. Rose went into remission on the island and they could be retirement age, so they’d be candidates for voluntarily staying on the island.

Jin and Sun- The skeletons are found initially farther apart and this season they are next to each other- could be a smaller set or maybe signifies a change in events which is why I like the theory that says they are Jin and Sun. They were moving apart before the island and maybe they end up together? But Sun left their daughter to come to the island, so one would think they wouldn’t want to stay there. Maybe Jacob’s intervention is what makes people miserable and brings them to the island…

Desmond and Penny? It seems they wouldn’t want to die on the island. Or would they? It’s less sure if in this go around they didn’t have a son together and he’s off island as well.

We will get more info on Jacob and the other guy this season, even going back to AD 23 I think, so it could be two people from their back stories…

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