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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LOST Spoilers from The Transmission!

If you don’t like spoilers, please don’t read this post!!

I happen to love them! ☺

Here is The Transmission's site- from which todays material comes:

This is a post about the SPOILERS in LOST that the folks at The Transmission talked about in their “The Lighthouse” podcast.

I repeat, if you don’t like spoilers, please don’t read this post!

In my opinion, not enough is even close to revealed to spoil the end, but I know there are some who want to hear as little about future episodes as possible and that’s cool.

I have transcribed some lines and such that I heard on The Transmission, so I encourage you to go to their site and give them props… and to make sure I have not made any mistakes…I have left a few things out, but I’m not claiming to have transcribed it all! ;) Spoilers are transcribed; the narration is summarized. Enjoy!

At about 13 minutes left in the podcast, The Transmission, “The Lighthouse” reveals some good stuff in the Forward Cabin segment. People who have spied and grabbed call sheets and such have graciously shared it with Ryan and Jen and they tell all of us where the crew was filming this week, if they saw anything juicy, etc.

First up:

Tonight’s episode!

*** *** ***

From The Transmission:

(I'm so late with this that this first one is almost not a spoiler anymore!)

Episode 606 call sheet was obtained. It was filmed in January.

  • Claire enters temple courtyard
  • Sayyid slits Lenin’s throat, Kate and Miles run, Smokey attacks, rams guy into pillar (does Smoky kill someone we know?)

Episode 613: The Last Recruit (call sheet, I think, or maybe just sightings?)

  • Jack and Locke catch up (does Locke tell him who he really is or any more than we already know I wonder? And what’s the deal with Jacob? Did Jack get mad and run away and turn his back on him after the whole mirror, you’ve been watching the whole time, I’m going to pout thing? Did he just happen to run into Locke or was Jack brought or directed to him?)
  • Sawyer tells Jack his plan (uhh…can’t wait for that one…let me guess…shoot everyone and get out of here? Actually that sounds like what Alpert said Unlocke wanted…but can we trust Alpert…hmmm)
  • In jungle walking Jack asks Claire if she trusts Locke (does Jack trust crazy Claire??? He –among others- ran off the island with her baby- or let Kate take Aaron off the island- is she going to kill him? Did they talk it out and she now understands that everyone thought she was dead and so they were looking after him? Does she even know Aaron’s off the island yet? Did they talk about being related? Did they talk about their dad? Are they chummy or is he keeping her at arms length like Jin did because of the crazy?)
  • Locke asks Sun if she saw Sayyid, Locke runs off, finds him, Sayyid tells Locke he shot Desmond (Whaaaa?)

From report they got last month, update:

  • Jack David Claire Desmond- at courthouse or law office at same time
  • Claire on her way to adoption agency, meets Desmond in lobby and convinces her to see a lawyer, they ride up in elevator
  • Jack and David arrive for reading of Christian’s will and Jack’s ex-wife calls (I guess I’m leaning towards Juliet since I’ve focused on the mirror theme and in the cave and lighthouse Sawyer is 15 and Kate is 51. Jack and Juliet are both scientists/doctors and Sawyer and Kate are a bit darker- or they seem dark, but maybe they had to do something bad to put something right in the case of the parents anyway…)


Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Ben - interior on submarine
Tarps had been placed to block view from street, but saw Jack, Sawyer, Jin and Sun all wet

Episode 615: Across the Sea - from call sheet

Primitive village, huts, campfires, boar roasting 23AD
Claudia shows boy in black the village and tells him she’s his mother
(my note- if this were a normal situation, she wouldn’t need to explain this, so it will be interesting to see why this is happening)

Another scene
“Mother”- not Claudia- tells young Jacob (same actor as the boy with blood on his hands who appears to Unlocke this season) that she killed their mother

Next scene 43 AD
Adult Jacob is sent by “Mother” to get firewood and when he returns, the village has been gruesomely burned to the ground

Boy in black – Ryan Bradford (from a soap opera)
Claudia – Lela Loren (NCIS …IMDB)
"Mother"- Allison Janney (West Wing…IMDB)

Thursday (my note- same call sheet or different- I’m not clear)

  • shore near Police Beach prepped for no footprints
  • No main cast, but told by someone on set it was a key scene
  • Someone in black shirt, someone is white shirt facing ocean sitting on a log, talking in 23AD

Scene with Jacob and his mother

Both of these scenes were apparently long with lots of takes and tons of dialogue.

Another sighting
At a market – Stop and Shop - Hurley stand in crossing a street picking up ticket off the ground

Set up near cages of Hydra, rain machine, Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Jin, Sun, Lapidus spotted

Midnight Friday- forest/jungle/smoke machine/eerie feel- tarps blocked view, but dialogue heard between two young kids (!!)

Lines are a follows- (contributor was confused as to who said what, though):

Jacob, what are you doing?

Noises like fighting, struggle, an attack? (my note- possibly just the two boys or are there “others” involved?)

I’m going with them. The other people.

I want to go home to my mother. (Sounds like Unlocke wanting to get off the island)

She’s not even our real mother.

You don’t trust me, but one day you’ll believe me.
(Possibly Jacob says the last two lines? I’m guessing…)

*** *** ***

The first line is boy in black.

The first scenario that came to mind was that they alternate lines with Jacob possibly saying the last two. This might fit with the scenes above where Jacob had contact with the "Mother" in two scenes and during one of them, he's told she killed their real mother. That explains why he'd choose the others over his mother. Boy in black had a scene with the real mother and he presumably wants to go back to her. Why they could be talking about two different scenarios being as one I don't know. The Losties currently have two different timelines... I don't know...

If Jacob says the second and third lines, it would mean the other people want to take him to his mother. If boy in black says the next and Jacob says the last, I guess it could be talking about how this is all about proving that the "Mother" who killed the real mother was more of a mother to them and Jacob is going to prove it?

There could be a problem with my trying to explain teh whoel show with these few lines of dialogue.. :)

Arrrggggghhhh! But it was so cool to get those lines. I'm glad we're going to get the back stories of these two dead and or time traveling men on a mysterious mission.

Is the 23AD village on The Island or elsewhere?

Does the boy die and that’s why he separates into black and white (think Locke’s backgammon explanation…) ?

All I'm saying is- who/where is the daddy here? Is this one big daddy issue that has caused a ripple effect of daddy issues? Or mirror images- since that's a theme here.

Did the boy kill his dad – even if for good reason- and that’s why he shows up with blood on his hands? If he did kill his dad it could explain why the leader of the Others has to kill their dad...if that's even a prerequisite...

Did he set fire to the village and that’s why he shows up with blood on his hands?

If his mom did send him away to get firewood and be safe, did she have something to do with the fire? Why is he the one with the blood on his hands if he didn’t set it himself or do something to cause death?

I think the two- Jacob and Man in Black- still could be one person even given what we’ve seen spoiler-wise, but as I’ve said before, I‘m not a fan of that theory. I don't know why. It may fit with the mirror image theme, good and evil, etc, though, if they were one person. Maybe when the two sides of this person reconcile or get back together, the Losties’ present and flash sideways will reconcile?

Does this have something to do with Aaron needing to be raised by Claire? The last half of the lines made me think it could.

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