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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More on the messy Mossad operation - Dubai, Mabhouh, passports, tennis, etc

Britain to expel Israeli diplomat - BBC

Israel has promised to not clone British passports before. This is not some rogue group or terrorist organization. This is the Israeli government and or its security force. At least Britain has the guts to do something about it. Sort of.

Israel calls it hypocrisy to accuse it of killing someone considered an enemy or terrorist by Britain...



Mr Eldad compared the British to “dogs” and accused them of having no loyalty. He also said that he believed a British diplomat should be expelled in return.

He added: “I think the British are being hypocritical and I do not wish to insult dogs here, since some dogs show true loyalty. Who gave the British the right to judge us on the war on terror?"

Hmmm… What gives them the right? They are messing with British passports and disregarding British citizens’ rights and security. Are they hypocritical? I’m going with no. While they may regard Hamas as a terrorist organization, we in the civilized world don’t employ hit men for all of our security needs. I’m not saying the US hasn’t done some horrible things with mercenaries, hit men and the like, but we and Britain, in general (I like to think), value the rule of law, peoples’ rights, and bringing people to justice rather than executing them on sight without a trial in another country (violating another’s sovereignty as well).

Also different is that Palestinians are like the early Israelis (terrorist turned statesmen) in that they are trying to win their freedom and statehood. Terrorism on our soil isn’t for that end. It’s just terrorism.

In thinking about Israel's "fight against terrorism," I always have to think- are they fighting terrorism or Palestinian statehood?

It always amazes me how similar accounts are of Palestinians being forced from their homes in 1948, most notably (one could add other dates) and of Jews being rounded up for work camps. Another striking similarity is that of Palestinian “terrorists” and Israeli terrorists turned statesmen (early PMs and leaders were Haganaagh, Irgun, Stern, etc terrorists).

And yet another is how Israeli Occupation and oppression is very similar to Nazi rule. Israelis want to Judaify and say Jews are superior; Nazis wanted only Aryans and considered themselves superior.

I always wonder how a people who has gone through so much tragedy and loss cannot see the similarities or want to guard against becoming so like the people that were the cause of their own tragedy.

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