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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Israel threatens and is uncompromising, yet hopes for peace (???)

I saw these headlines at the BBC website today:

Israeli tanks 'advance into Gaza'
Israel 'will build in Jerusalem'

Hopeful on peace talks? Really?

Israel: Our tanks are advancing on Gaza. Despite the fact that international law says settlements are illegal and E. Jerusalem's occupied (illegal to build), Jerusalem's ours, we're building on it, and we hear you America (and the law and rest of the world), but we're still building on Occupied Territory.

How can they be hopeful for peace when they can't even follow international law, much less make concessions for peace?! What is their hope? That Palestinians will suddenly be satisfied with being prisoners on part of their land? That Palestinians will out of the blue be satisfied with no homeland, representation, freedom, justice, food, water, movement, etc??

Would/ did Jews accept that? Did we expect them to? Why are we waiting on Palestinians to do so?

Total garbage!

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