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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Israel vs Palestinians

A few thoughts about another large scale attack on Gaza...

Most of it has been said before, I'm sure.

The Gaza attacks and the recent rocket attack for which Israel “retaliated” are always described as a Palestinian attack and Israeli retaliation- as though they are doing absolutely nothing to deserve such attacks. (???) Attacks by Palestinians always occur in a vacuum unprovoked. Israel is the eternal victim, always on the defensive, always retaliating, never the provocateur- or so they (and everyone) say.

We talk about the two as though they are equal- Israel and Palestine. It is said that both sides should stop violence and both sides have to support peace; both sides in the 2006 Gaza assault should investigate its war crimes.

They aren’t the same, though.

One is a government ordering war crimes. One is a dispossessed and occupied people who have received no compensation for their stolen land and no justice for the crimes against them. (Would any American not be ready to fight when faced with that???)

One gets massive amounts of financial, military, diplomatic and every other kind of aid possible along with the assurance of an unending and unbreakable bond from a superpower; one gets sporadic support, but mostly blame from the same superpower/mediator.

One is the Occupier attacking largely innocent people; one is the Occupied people struggling for their freedom and rights.

As highlighted by the Gaza attacks, this isn’t a struggle between two militaries; this is the Israeli military targeting the already captive and starving Palestinian people.

The Israeli government is punishing the civilian population of Palestine for crimes fringe groups perpetrate fueled by the Israeli occupation, so essentially Israel is attacking for something it is causing. The civilians (and PA- not really an applicable term anymore) are in a lose-lose situation.

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