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Monday, April 5, 2010

“Wait the retaliation tomorrow”

Edit 4/6/10: I've been looking for more info from my favorite podcasts on NPR and the BBC, but haven't been finding nearly as much for this incredible threat for Gaza as for the pretty minor Biden snub. It figures, but it's still frustrating. Israel has bad timing for an announcement and it news. A threat for a larger scale Gaza attack? No one cares.

Near the time I wrote my last post about the handful of headlines saying Israel was building settlements, advancing on Gaza, but still “hopes for peace,” apparently things were happening in Gaza.

They were being leafleted on Thursday.

From :

The leaflets just stated “Wait the retaliation tomorrow”.

And attacked Thursday/Friday.

Israelis do love to bomb a milk factory. Perhaps this is for the “demographic threat?” Are we supposed to believe the Israeli military is that bad that it bombed these things by mistake?? I think also police stations and security training facilities were targeted. Given their propensity attacking security installations, someone please tell me how anyone can expect them to “reign in terror,” especially under the Occupation conditions of poverty, curfews and closures?


They bombed metal workshops, farms, a milk factory and small sites belonging to the military wing of Hamas “in retaliation” for the deaths of 2 soldiers a week or two ago.

Thirteen Israeli air strikes hit Gaza Strip

Israel pounds Gaza with missiles


Israel threatens new Gaza offensive

"If this rocket fire against Israel does not stop, it seems we will have to raise the level of our activity and step up our actions against Hamas," Silvan Shalom, Israel's deputy prime minister, told public radio on Friday.

"We won't allow frightened children to again be raised in bomb shelters and so, in the end, it will force us to launch another military operation.

"I hope we can avoid it, but it is one of the options we have, and if we don't have a choice, we will use it in the near future."


They don’t have a choice but to attack?? They are the only ones with a choice!!

If Israel's hope to avoid war is anything like their hope for peace, consider that a declaration of an imminent attack on Gaza a la January 2009! The minute we in the US have a national distraction on the scale of a presidential election or something, Israel will bomb Gaza and claim it's because of the rocket attacks. Or will they bomb to distract us from the settlement standoff? That way, they can stop bombing and look like they are making a concession and giving up a lot for peace.

What garbage.

When will we call a spade a spade? And boycott it?

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