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Thursday, May 27, 2010

LOST episode 617/618 - The End

617/618 The End

So, don’t call me a hater, but I didn’t love the finale. I thought it was enough, though. I’m satisfied. I’m not as mad or anxious for answers as I was during the series. What’s answered is and what isn’t isn’t and I’m ok with that. Maybe I didn’t love it because it is the end of a great show. Or maybe the great mysteries and questions throughout made it impossible for any finale to possibly live up to the phenomena that was LOST.

In this and the previous episode, characters kept saying “we’re near the end” and “it will all be over soon”. Maybe that breaking 4th wall stuff is funny for the writers, but I have to say I didn’t enjoy it in LOST. It’s either a dying fad or it was just wrong or overused in LOST. I liked how Boston Legal broke the 4th wall occasionally. That was funny, but then the show was funnier than LOST was or was supposed to be.

A line that grabbed me was when Locke said Jack didn’t have a son? So… does David exist or doesn’t he? I don’t think so. Crazy! The whole flash sideways is really a nanosecond before one “crosses over” from just dead to eternity, if that’s what one believes. They are dead and there is no “now” as Christian told Jack. Some died before Jack and some after and they are all there together in that nanosecond. But I guess in eternity time isn’t as it is here… Hard to wrap one’s head around. When characters in the flash sideways “remember” the island time line, they realize they are dead and they can see everyone they love or who meant a lot to them, so they get kind of goofy and smiley.

Jack’s ex was… Juliet! Many fans predicted this. I was really thinking it would be Sarah, his wife from the original time line. But if Jack doesn’t really have a son, then giving Jack Juliet is ok. If he did have a son, then having a different wife/mother wouldn’t make sense. Speaking of making sense, if the flash sideways is made up of dead people, how did Keamy die and why is Sawyer concerned with catching dead people (Sayid) murdering dead people? Is that a part of the place they created as Christian said? If I was going to create a place, it wouldn’t have death, murder, injustice, (or justice for that matter), etc, that’s for sure.

Jack in the flash sideways was trying to get Locke to want to have the spinal surgery and get fixed. Jacob brought these people to the island because he thought they were leading pretty sorry lives. On both Jack and Jacob’s part, I thought that was rather judgmental, presumptuous, and wrong. Who are they to intervene in people’s lives to make it turn out how they think it should and not stay out of it and leave it totally up to them? Maybe that wasn’t what I was supposed to take from it. I think I’m supposed to see that the Oceanic 815 people really were better off meeting each other and spending that time together to work out their issues. I can see that, but that’s definitely not the only message, there.

I like that Jack and Locke were betting on Desmond and neither knew which plan would actually work.

I liked Jack’s loophole for killing MIB and how we found out about it- Locke suddenly having blood in his mouth from Jack’s punch (reminded me of Jacob’s pummeling of him). Alpert also was excited when Miles found the gray hair. Nice. I kind of think, though, that maybe the light being out made MIB mortal, but that Jacob’s job changing hands may have released Alpert since they made that deal and he didn’t become immortal when the light came back on.

Hurley’s line in “What They Died For” did mean something! I had thought it meant he was going to be Jacob, but them Jack did and I gave up on it. Hurley said something like – “glad it’s not me” when Jack volunteered to be Jacob’s replacement.

I like how Ben said “that’s how Jacob ran things” when Hurley was distressed about people being confined to the island. Some think the flash sideways are Jack’s way of running things, but I think it’s Hurley’s. Hurley was definitely in the know early on in picking people up to go to the church and Jack didn’t even know he was dead, so I don’t think that was his doing.

The ending in the church. With all the hugging and all the cast there I felt it was more of a goodbye for the benefit of the cast and perhaps fans, but didn’t sit well with me plot-wise. I would have liked to see the cast hugging or taking a bow or whatever in the credits, rather than spending that much time on it in the show. But maybe that’s just me enjoying the series as a whole more than the much anticipated plot resolution.

So, Sayid’s true love is Shannon?? I was a bit disappointed in this. I liked him and Nadia together way better than him and Shannon. I guess there could be reasons it was Shannon, other than she was with the original cast and Nadia wasn’t. ☺ It could be that she was connected to his past as a torturer, the past that convinced him he was evil, so maybe to move on he couldn’t be with her. Or, it could be that the flash sideways is from Hurley’s perspective, so he saw them as good for each other. Kind of like the Jacob thing- he brought them to the island because they had sorry lives… Another thing is that Christian said these are the people most important to them. Maybe that’s really true and not anyone’s judgment.

An interesting tidbit from Geronimo Jack’s Beard on efforts to keep the finale a secret:

The script talked about the church scene as “Sun and Jin’s wedding” and they even had a Sun look-a-like in a wedding dress come around the back of the set. They shuttled the cast around in Santa Rosa vans, too. And even with heroic efforts like those, 6 pages of the script still got out. They were legit, btw.

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