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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Abbas speaks

Maybe recent events by Israel have given Abbas some leverage or space to speak more forcefully about the situation. He doesn't mention refugees, though, and if I remember correctly this is where he sells out.

I like these statements and the fact that he puts an old favorite Israeli argument right back to them- we've extended our hand in peace... and we're still waiting.

OPINION: Peacemaking takes courage, leaders

By Mahmoud Abbas - 06/08/10 06:00 AM ET

Meaningful negotiations and Israeli settlement activity do not go hand in hand because the continued building of settlements will not leave enough land for us to establish our own contiguous and viable state.

In the Arab Peace Initiative, 57 Arab and Muslim countries offered Israel peace and normalized relations in return for Israel’s withdrawal from the Palestinian and Arab territories it conquered by force in the 1967 War and has occupied since. Israeli leaders have so far failed to grasp this historic opportunity and instead are actively working toward making the two-state solution impossible.

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