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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Israeli flotilla inquiry committee- what's the point?

Just take the IDF statements and Netanyhu's statements. There you have it. What the committee will "decide".

A few links:

One that quotes Netanyahu's statement about what the committee's purpose is:

The 3 (just 3?!) men that will decide what went on with the IDF and Mavi Marmara:

  • Yaakov Turkel, a retired Israeli supreme court judge, head of this committee
  • Shaftai Rouzain, an international law expert, Israel Prize laureate
  • Amos Huraiv, retired Major-General, former member of the Israeli Haganah mob (Haaretz simply calls him "military expert and former president of the Technion")
Really? Were Nazi war criminals allowed to sit at the Nuremburg trials to judge their peers and "operations" against Jews??

Some time has passed, sure, since the horrific crimes of 1948, but doesn't Israel view it- once a terrorist, always a terrorist? Look at how many ancient Nazi war criminals they work hard to bring to justice. Call me crazy, but that guy is not really in a position to have an honest discussion about Palestinians or war crimes.

The 2 (non-voting) observers are:

David Trimble, a Northern Irish Nobel Peace Prize laureate
Ken Watkin, a former military judge advocate general from Canada

Some key "facts" about teh committee:

  • No army personnel will appear before the committee
  • I'm guessing that means no survivors will testify, either
  • Netanyahu, Minister for the Army Ehud Barak, and chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi are all expected to testify before the Committee
  • They cannot question "political mechanism that triggered the attack on the Marmara"
  • The sole "evidence" under consideration is the summary report by the "experts" the chief of staff appointed (IDF internal "investigation")- yet another big clue as to what the committee will decide
  • No authority to make procedural recommendations

Netanyahu assures us the investigation will be fair and impartial, while defending the army furiously.

Does anyone honestly have any doubt what the results of this will be?

They didn't accomplish the objective, but they did what they needed to do to protect it's citizens.

Complete rubbish!

Netanyahu said:
I’m convinced that finding the facts by the committee will prove that the objective behind the operation of the state of Israel and its army’s defensive action was acceptable and conformed to international standards.

That tends to happen when one stacks the deck!

This is a Guardian blog or opinion piece I think. The author is as incredulous as I am:

It talks about other times Israel has investigated itself. Telling.

Two videos about flotilla stuff:

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