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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flotilla spoof video: "important Israeli contribution to the discussion of recent events"


The title says Israel apologizes for it, but the article mentions one condemnation from a blog. The Prime Minister's spokesman was apparently ROTFL and forwarded it to friends. That doesn't sound very apologetic to me.

This tasteless nonsense was made by an editor at Jerusalem Post. Mark Regev thought it was so funny he called his kids and told them to watch it. Surely this guy could keep his cool and say it isn't right to laugh at people dying. But, no. Maybe it's good he shows his true colors.

Some might say this is what happens in free societies. This is merely the free expression of ideas.

I say, when you think things like this are funny (especially when you are an official who can't maintain one's decorum), it says something about you- your morals and your respect for human life- that you have none!

Huff Post has the YouTube video if you want to see the garbage for yourself:

"There's no people dying" - how is this anywhere near true about the flotilla or Gaza and the IDF??

"The truth will never find the way to your TV." - That's probably actually true! The US will believe Israel every time, no matter the crime. Kill our own people, kill some other countries' people- we love us some Israel. In all the stories on major network news, they are intent on finding and playing up Turkish "terrorist" ties of some of the participants rather than the IDF massacre and executions.

"Hamas as Mother Teresa" - This whole thing has nothing to do with Hamas and yet Israel is trying to say aid to Gaza is equal to giving missiles to Hamas?? ??????????

Israel must be an alternate universe. Similar to the bubble Bush lived in in the White House where Iraq was an imminent threat and everyone was supposed to bow to his will or be accused of being agaisnt us and therefore for the terrorists and gut feeling was a substitute for evidence an common sense.

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