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Friday, June 4, 2010

Gaza Flotilla Murder Protest photos

I thought the protest went well. It was my first ever. I had wanted to before, especially in the run up ot the Iraq war when I was so mad that journalists had fallen asleep and weren't asking anyone anything, but just haven't until now. I was bigger on writing Congress, but when you get so many letters back about how great Israel is in response to concerns about Israel killing civilians, collectively punishing Palestinians, building illegal settlements, us supporting such horrible crimes against humanity both verbally and with billions of dollars in aid, you want to do more. Feinstein sent me a reply on Iraq once when I sent her a letter about Israeli war crimes in Palestine, as if there was any doubt that Senators didn't read my emails.

A lot of folks honked their support, waved, gave a peace sign, etc. More than I expected. I did see a middle finger and a few shouts of "I love Israel." The latter was obviously meant as a counter to us, but loving Israel and wanting them to follow the law are not opposites (we don't hate Israel), so it was a strange choice of words to counter the demonstration, I thought.

This is my sign, front and back- above and below. I bought supplies in the morning and put it together after work. The supplies. That was a near miss. The store I went ot had next ot nothing. No colored posterboard? Really? Cardstock taped together on the only foamboard I found saved the day and didn't look horrible. I was worried that the only thing I found to write on the black - window paint- wouldn't work, but with much effort, it came through for me.

I felt a bit like the kid who didn't do his homework, slapping it together in the car a few feet from the protest, but I think it turned out ok. I like making a poster. One of the few things I liked about school.

This is the end of the protest, above.

There were lots of Israeli flags present; here's a Palestinian flag. A local TV station said the Israeli flags were a counter protest, but since the event was by Jewish Voice For Peace, I'm not sure about that.

I should have moved the camera a bit to get "Free Gaza" instead of "Ree Gaza" !
Lebanon is here!

Lots of great signs!

Shouts of "Free Gilad Shalit" emanated from this corner at times...
What that has to do with Israel starving more than a milion people, forcing them to drink contaminated water, and killing those who try and help them, I sure don't know.
This criticism of Israel will undoubtedly make people say that I support terrorism and kidnapping. For the record, I don't support either.

Another great sign. Good idea with the pole. A good walking demonstration sign.

Enough is enough! was one chant. I can't remember them all.

The venue.

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