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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Israel eases blockade? Translation, please!

The headline is that Israel is easing the blockade in response to massive international pressure.

What does this really mean?

Do they really hope Gazans don't starve to death and are taking actions ot prevent this? Probably not. That's pretty optimistic and isn't reflected at all in all their other policies.

This is a response to the "image problem" Israel is said to have. Yes, Israel is the Occupier and is the cause of the Gaza mess, but they wil no doubt be hailed as making great sacrifices and strides for peace in this latest attempt to dodge some well-deserved criticism about the whole of their operation/oppression/occupation.

It reminds me of what Paul spoke of in the Bible- about sinning more that grace will abound. Paul said certainly not to that. He was a bit incredulous. Israel seems to think that's the way to go- keep disregarding international law so people can congratulate them and say how much they've done "for peace" when they make brutally severe restrictions on food, movement, water, etc slightly less so for a short period of time. That's Israel's game- create more problems, "ease" one, and you are in the clear even though the central problem is still very much there (the Occupation).

The world will be placated and Israel will continue to kill Palestinians and commit crimes and no one will demand accountability and justice until the next Sabra and Shatila or Flotilla like incident happens.

Why are we talking about Israeli restrictions on Gaza? Weren't we told they disengaged in 2006 or something? That is always the stock response given when people blame Israel for the shape Gaza's in. It's pretty far from the truth, as we can see pretty clearly now.

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