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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Israeli foreign minister's "peace plan": stripping Palestinians of citizenship

Israeli foreign minister's "peace plan": stripping Palestinians of citizenship

Lieberman is still FM with no complaint whatsoever from our government. This is really kind of shocking. He's a not so reformed former terrorist for whom ethnic cleansing is still a viable option for peace. Oops. Not so much peace as a final solution to the "Palestinian problem."

His peace plan highlights a major problem with the two state solution. Would you split up the land and require Jews on one side, Palestinians on the other? Is that ethnic cleansing? Two wrongs making a right? Would you allow settlers and native Palestinians alike to choose to stay in the "other state" where their homes end up being? If the latter, wouldn't this require a secular binational state and defeat the purpose of having two states?

One state gets my vote. No, Jews wouldn't have a Jewish state, but then, you should have thought about that before taking over someone else's land and kicking them out and holding them captive. On the positive side, Jews and Palestinians both would get right of return, all could visit holy sites, settlers could stay, Palestinians could travel and live where they wished (except for getting all your old land back and displacing Israeli Jews, of course), all would have equal rights and everyone could visit or live and have the capital be in Jerusalem if they wished.

Good news and bad news:
(The good being that he's not much interested in Lieberman's plan, the bad being that he's not into any peace plan...)

However, Warschawski said there were few indications that Netanyahu wanted to be involved in any peace process, even Lieberman's.

I've been hearing more support for negotiations by Abbas and Washington and there have been reports of non-violent resistance to occupation coming to the forefront and violence against Israel seems at an all time low. Despite this, we hear things like this from Israel (with no complaints from the US, generally):

Apparently reflecting Netanyahu's own thinking, he said: "The more you market Palestinian legitimacy, the more you bring about a detraction of Israel's legitimacy in certain circles. [The Palestinians] are accumulating legitimacy, and we are being delegitimized."

And this:

In early 2009, Lieberman, who lives in the West Bank settlement of Nokdim, upset his own supporters by advocating the creation of "a viable Palestinian state," though he has remained unclear about what it would require in practice.

Can't wait to see how these things fall out. I hope some of this can shake us awake do we can hold Israel accountable:

Other looming diplomatic headaches for Israel are the return of the Goldstone report, which suggested Israel committed war crimes in its attack on Gaza, to the United Nations General Assembly in late July, and Turkey's adoption of the rotating presidency of the Security Council in September.

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