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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Israel's problem- image or moral?

Can Israel Learn How to Make Its Case?,9171,1995850,00.html

I've been sticking to alternative sources of news for this event and so I was unaware of how the stroy was being framed by the mainstram news sources. Until TIME arrived in the mail. I was under the impression that all were in agreement that Israel is at fault and can't play the victim card too much longer. Guess not. The story is not actually how do we make Israel follow the law and respect human rights. The story in the US is that Israel has an "image problem." Silly me!

Under George Bush, the US had an image problem. We invaded Iraq, probably knowing full well there weren't any WMD, and didn't apologize after everyone else found out the truth. Truth telling and admitting fault is seen as weakness by some, but it does wonders for one's image as it is the hardest and right thing to do. There is a Biblical lesson for the individual here, temptimg to address, but that's a digression perhaps for another time or place. :)

The only way for Israel to fix this pesky "image problem," is to stop flouting international law, let Palestinians have the self determination that everyone else on this planet sees as a God-given right, end the occupation. apologize for past wrongs, begin reconciliation, refugee return, compensation, trials for those in Israel who are guilty of crimes against humanity, etc.

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