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Monday, July 12, 2010

Homeless man folds a flag

Good story one one hand, but on the other more cynical one I wonder (2 things)...

1. How many of the same people now offering aid would have thought- 'that lazy guy needs to get a job' or 'how dare the government take my money and give it to him'- before he folded that flag?

Many use 2 Thesalonians 3:10 for opposition to government programs that help those in need, like welfare and such. Flag-folding must count as work... ;)

I wonder how or what folding a flag had to do with changing the attitudes to compel people to take it upon themselves to help. How do we know many other homeless people haven't "done" something like this? Does it really matter if they did or not?

This always begs eternal questions... Should the government help people in need, should we have a system personally for deciding who "deserves" what little resources we have to give, if so, what should that be, or should we just give to the best of our ability and let God and the individual worry about how it is used, etc... And a bigger question, how do I react and what do I think when I see a homeless person? Am I doing what I can to help? In many cases, no, probably not.

I'm glad that it motivated people to help him, though. Maybe he will be able to use the publicity to get out of whatever trouble he's in that's caused his homelessness.

2. Do we love the flag too much? I mean, I know what it stands for and I'm thankful for the freedoms, too, but all the rules and ceremony surrounding it seem a bit much at times... I mean, we aren't without criticisms of our country and we are really no better than citizens of any other country...

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