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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She could have been our VP?!

A heartbeat away from a McCain presidency.

That's just plain scary.

Bush 42, but a looser cannon. Same fun version of English, though. The entertainment would not have been worth the rest of what we would have received. At least W realized to some extent that there are Muslims and Arabs in America and that he represents them, too. A big step, no doubt. Palin just sounds like one of those bad email forwards ("What We All Need To Be Aware of Concerning the Muslim Religion," "Why Muslims Can't Be Good Americans," you get the idea...).

It is said that all publicity is good publicity, but when we're talking presidential aspirations, that may not be true. A strange howl knocked Howard Dean out. Palin's crazy Tweets and Tea Party associations should pretty well sink her. If she wants to be president, she should go under the radar, delete her Twitter and FB accounts and work for a (poverty, education, etc) nonprofit and travel abroad for the next few years. If she wants to sell another book, she should keep Tweeting and take it up a notch! I'm guessing she'd choose the latter.

"Ground Zero Mosque supporters: doesn't it stab you in the heart, as it does ours throughout the heartland? Peaceful Muslims pls refudiate"

It's not a mosque, it's actually a community center.

Heartland??? As in Alaska? As in the place where we hate foreigners and non-Christians?

How does one refute or "refudiate" a mosque (that's really a community center)? If there was an inflammatory statement coming out of a mosque, one could use "mosque" in place of the statement, but she's indeed talking about a structure.

And two more annoying things: the pls/plz abbreviation and continually demanding "peaceful Muslims" constantly condemn this or that in order to be freed from the terrorist label. Some abbreviations I don't mind in texting. Plz is one I really, for whatever reason, don't want to see anywhere. In another observation of the week, an email is not a text message, people (!!). Emails generally let you type more than 140 characters, so please don't use plz.

The "peaceful Muslims" comment. What kind of garbage is this? Are non-Muslim Americans required to prove how peaceful they are in order to be considered acceptable or not a terrorist? No. While I can understand on some level why some think this way, it is ignorant and unacceptable. We only see Muslims depicted (sparsely) in the news when they are committing an unthinkable crime. The onus, then, is not on Muslims to re-educate people who think something horrible and false about them. Good for them if they choose to, they are doing a public service. People watching the news should ask things like: How many Muslims are in the world or country? How many are committing crimes versus how many are just doing as I do? Have I met or conversed with a Muslim about Islam or anything at all? What do we have in common? Do I spend too much time on answeringislam or jihadwatch without checking facts with actual Muslims or Arabs?

I am so sick of people asking where are the peaceful Muslims who denounce terrorism. Besides the fact that these people need to hop on over to the library and learn to use a search engine, it is not Muslims' or Arabs' responsibility to "refudiate" (sorry, couldn't help myself) every lie and stereotype about them. Passing the buck didn't work for Eve (Uhh...the serpent said we'd be cool...) and it won't work here. We bear most of the responsibility on this one. We've got to check the "facts" instead of just sitting in front of the TV or computer voraciously gulping everything down without chewing on it a bit, especially when it involves sweeping generalizations.

Her revised edition:

"Peace-seeking Muslims, pls understand, Ground Zero mosque is UNNECESSARY provocation; it stabs hearts," Palin wrote in a Twitter post Sunday. "Pls reject it in interest of healing."

Healing is kind of the point of the community center, but she's not really one to let facts get in the way of some really great fiction. Banning Muslims from here of there should be the thing stabbing your heart. It's hardly American and segregation is definitely not in the interest of healing.

Maybe Sarah Palin's soon to be released little book of "Clever Sayings That Rock!" will include George Santayana's "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

I wonder what kinds of things are in her books, but not really enough to read them at this point... :)

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