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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Tale of Two Farces: "Easing" the Blockade and Israeli Flotilla "Inquiry"

On the "easing" of the Israeli blockade (strangulation) of Gaza:

AMIRA HASS: Perhaps Obama should ask himself if he would set aside in life of just getting chips and ketchup and Coca-Cola and not being allowed to produce, to create, to export, to send his daughters to university, to have visitors from outside—if this is the life that he thinks are suitable for human beings, then maybe all the Americans who voted for him made a mistake.

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I cannot find the source now, but I think I heard last week that some of the flotilla aid had been given to Gaza, but construction and other items were still in limbo and probably not allowed in.

On the outcome of Israeli the flotilla probe:


"In this inquiry we found that there were some professional mistakes regarding both the intelligence and the decision-making process and some of the operational mistakes," he said.

"But also, we did find some very positive findings, and one of them that should be emphasised is the very professional and courageous way that the Israeli commando behaved."

Totally predictable, but still--- ???

Their mistake, they say elsewhere, is that they weren't prepared for activists to respond violently.

Of course this assumes Israel's innocence and answers none of the questions that needed answering. What happened exactly? Did Israeli commandos have paint guns or real ones when they descended from helicopters shooting? Was Israel's response too harsh? Who shot first? Were the "activists" violent? Were were any laws violated by either party and if so, which ones? Is anyone guilty of murder or was this self-defense? Will there be a trial?

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