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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Homemade Iced Coffee

I think I have to make it. Soon. Is it the record number of 100 degree days or the sweet coffee goodness? I can't say.

I'll admit I'm no gourmet. (If this had one more rhyme, I'd have to delete this post...) I know it's cool to like black coffee, but I've alwys needed sugar and recently gotten into the habit of using quite a bit of milk. I like McCafes, though I admit they are more dessert-y. I like au lait, thanks to my husband bringing back some Louisiana chickory coffee. I like cappuccinos and lattes at Starbucks and iced chai tea lattes at Panera, though I can't remember if it's cooler to like Starbucks or hate it. :)

So about iced coffee...

So I was under the impression everyone just brewed the coffee, maybe on the strong side because of ice and stuff, mix the sugar in and cool it and add the milk product of your choice. My two issues were how ot get the sugar dissolved and how not to dilute your coffee/milk/sugar with ice when you "ice" it. It makes sense to dissolve the sugar while the coffee's hot, which will require me to know exactly how much I like per cup... Not impossible. I read about coffee/milk/sugar ice cubes, which makes pretty good sense. Didn't think about that.

Apparently, there is a cold brew method that makes the coffee taste even better. Not iced coffee maker coffee; 12 hours at room temperature, no filter. Crazy. I know. You use a dark or French roast, which I like anyway, coarse grind, and oh- by the way- it takes 12-15 hours... :) Guess it's going to take some advance planning. :( The concentrate spoken of in one of these articles keeps for awhile in the fridge, though. There is a fancy contraption(s) to brew this stuff, but I'm partial ot the method shown below that uses a mason jar, coffee filters and sieve.

The sugar issue is definitely present here. I'm not a fan of artificial sweeteners, so it looks like I will be experimenting with sweetened condensed milk. Or Vietnamese do (does it rhyme with pho I wonder...) I will definitely have to start running again. Or use artificial sweeteners. I should start running again anyway, I guess.

When I get the coarse grind and remember to make it, I'll have to give it a try. Guess I should try both methods if I'm going to do it right. :) Maybe I will have to update this afterwards.

I normally like to have the link spelled out, but the computer's acting wierd, so I'm going with the "inline" variety only today. There are two up there. Have fun!

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