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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

With greater equality comes greater responsibility, ladies

On Facebook: Israeli soldier posed with bound Arab

While no abuse is depicted, unlike the Abu Ghraib photos, I have to agree with these statements:

"This shows the mentality of the occupier," Khatib said, "to be proud of humiliating Palestinians. The occupation is unjust, immoral and, as these pictures show, corrupting."

Yishai Menuchim, head of the Israeli Committee Against Torture, also criticised the images, saying the incident "reflects an attitude which has become the norm and consists in treating Palestinians like objects, not like human beings".

The comments on her photo are perhaps as telling or more so than the photo itself, though that is pretty disgusting. Her friends tell her she's sexy posing with captured Arabs and wonder if the captive men have Facebook so they can tag them in the photo.

When attitudes such as these are the norm, how can one doubt there are abuses by the Occupier? Why doubt Goldstone and why believe Israel when it says it was justified when it attacked the Turkish aid vessel?

And she still doesn't get it after hearing the news coverage and disapproval of many, including her state's military:

The pictures are taken down, but she still ha no clue as to why these are offensive. Many Americans probably share this view. How about this. Think about a white policewoman smiling prettily as she poses in front of some cuffed black men she and her men are holding as guilty until proven innocent. For a souvenir. To remember her time on the force. Our society as a whole once found this amusing, no doubt, like this girl and her friends do. Stuff like this upsets me. I would guess I am in the majority in the case of the similar event happening in this country. At least I hope so.

Some female Israeli (former) soldiers get it and are critical:

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