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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Loyalty oath up for a vote??

I said in the previous post that guaranteeing Israel’s Jewish character is as good as campaigning for ethnic cleansing. The offer is back on the table to codify a preference for Jews into law in this so called democracy.

This, while Israel is being congratulated by Congress for being so gracious as to come to the peace table to wait on those Palestinians again. When will we see things for what they are? We are a little like the abused wife- the skewed view of reality, the return again and again to the source of much shame and violence (though the violence is not against us so I guess that helps us perpetuate this alternate reality).

May 2009, Israel rejected this party's demand for a loyalty oath.

October 2010, Israel will vote on it.

Lieberman: Zoabi is the reason we need a loyalty oath

Cabinet to vote on Israeli loyalty oath


A few things that came to mind while thinking about pledging loyalty to an exclusively Jewish state, while being denied your own:

As Avishai observes in his deeply incisive book The Hebrew Republic: "You cannot live in Hebrew and expect no repercussions from its archaic power. You cannot live in a state with an official Judaism, in addition to this Hebrew, and expect no erosion of citizenship. You can, as most Israelis do, speak the language, ignore the archaism, and tolerate the Judaism. But then you should not expect your children to understand what democracy is." (p369-370)
--From the book, Ambivalence, by Jonathan Garfinkel

This is a video interview:

Levy: Israel needs to decide whether it's going to have an ethnocracy or a democracy

Israel has never treated Israeli Palestinians equally, but this loyalty oath would put that into law. Its kind of in contradiction to its Declaration of Independence where it declares equality for all races and religions, etc. If they had a set of laws, like a Constitution, we could go to that to protect the rights of all, but they don't have that so we will continue to generously support this preference by law for Jews only.

Some people believe Israel is always reaching out the hand of peace. When Israel refuses to extend equal rights to all its citizens, how can we expect them to do right by those not in its borders???


A few more items on Israel and democracy. I'm not just trying to hate on Jews. It's an interesting question.

Is Israel a Democracy?

The American Prospect

Dec 4, 2009

Israel's slipping democracy

Sep 24, 2008

William Cook: Israeli Democracy, Fact or Fiction?


Jan 25, 2003

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