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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

South America's got brains- and guts

And that's what it's going to take to solve this thing. Maybe the US should hand over the mediator job to them.

Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay are recognizing Palestine and possibly establishing diplomatic ties. Apparently, Iran said France was also recognizing Palestine, but that's false. Of course, you can guess what the US and Israel have to say...

A U.S. State Department official said Argentina's move was a "premature step [that] does not contribute to our common goal of a two-state solution."

"Negotiations are the pathway for the parties to see the realization of their aspirations - for the Israelis, security - for the Palestinians, an independent, viable, and sovereign state of their own," the U.S. official added.

I mistakenly read this as an Israeli official's statement at first. Kind of funny. In most cases, I guess they are interchangeable anyway.

Israel called it regrettable and said the recognition won't change the Israel-Palestinian relationship. (What will, pray tell??)

What about recognizing the already legally accepted boundaries of 1967 doesn't contribute to a two state solution?? The longer we wait, the more settlements Israel will build. They build them whether or not there's an agreement not to build and they announce it during high profile state visits. How about those settlements for the future of a two state solution?? Countries should have recognized Palestine a lot sooner. They'd have more land without settlers that need evicting. Hope it catches on.

Interesting how Abbas (unilaterally, I suppose) requesting recognition by various countries is frowned upon, but Israel's unilateral decision of "withdrawal" which was meant to be in their words political formaldehyde was welcomed as a step toward peace... I guess when you consider the settlement situation, this is just par for the course, but it further reveals our perverted view of this conflict and unjustifiable support for Israel alone.

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