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Monday, January 17, 2011

Inspiracell text scam!


Deja vu. We had this happen with our phone bill courtesy of Residential Email. Now it's hapened with texting. Yay.

Luckily this came in the evening, so I heard it.

97956: U requested daily inspirational texts. Sub service is $9.99/mo +
Msg&Data rates may apply. Reply STOP to cancel. Reply HELP for HELP. Enter
on web 8876.


97956: Inspiracell alerts: You have been opted out and will receive no
further messages or charges. Support: 877-874-3564

(No, I didn't request anything of the sort. I have a Bible- and a library card for that matter.)

This one came the next day early in the morning. I didn't hear it come in. So I unfortunately got the incredibly creative inspirational text.

97956:Enjoy your daily Inspiration texts, alerts billed at $9.99 per month!
To quit, send STOP to 97956. For help text HELP.

97956: Enjoy the day. Think of the good things, forget the bad ones.


97956: Inspiracell alerts: You have been opted out and will receive no
further messages or charges. Support: 877-874-3564

Yeah. Right.

We called the carrier, got charges removed and a purchase block on. So hopefully this is over!

My husband and I had a debate going. I thought I was already signed up and had to text STOP to not get charged $9.99. He thought I signed up by texting STOP. I don't know. Sounds like a lose-lose situation to me.

I don't think I've even done any surveys or signed up for anything in years. Apparently, companies can put in the fine print that it's ok to send your names to 3rd parties who may or may not charge you for random pointless garbage you won't want. If charges apply, I want a checkbox. Otherwise, it's a scam! Or entirely legal dishonesty. Whatever. Scummy.

Report it!


  1. I just got that message today! i'm' not responding...i didn't sign up for anything, so if I'm sent an inspirational message, i'll complain... hope if i ignore it, it'll go away!

  2. I just finished working with Sprint to get it removed from my bill. Fortunately, Sprint was very helpful and took care of it in a few minutes. Unfortunately, texting STOP when I first got the dang thing a couple weeks ago did not in fact stop it. I never received any inspirational texts so I guess I could technically say I was getting robbed by InspiraCell. Definitely not worth the hassle that would be though.

  3. Thank you. I just had this hit my phone today and when I did a search for this company your blog was the first thing that popped up.

  4. So Sprint was able to fix this and they were very cooperative. I don't know how this company (Inspiracell) is able to get away with this.. I hope this isn't simply a taste of things to come in the future...

  5. Call this number and leave him some nasty voicemails:(917) 522-0064

    unbelievable what they are doing!

    ICANN whois look up shows:
    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Domain Name: INSPIRACELL.COM
    Created on: 11-Mar-10
    Expires on: 11-Mar-12
    Last Updated on: 11-Mar-10

    Administrative Contact:
    Cohen, Thomas
    125 Chambers Street
    New York, New York 10007
    United States
    (917) 522-0064

  6. I had the same problem in Jan. I typed STOP and thought it was over. Unfortunately, I have auto payment and didn't notice the charge in Jan. until now.

  7. I had same junk text message from this scammer. I called sprint and removed $9.99 charge. My personal preference, I never use auto pay on some companies like cellphone, cable TV, satellite dish cuz they don't have good reputations either.

  8. The Sprint rep I talked to said to type these two words: "STOP CANCEL" in order to stop the messages *and* keep them from charging the account - apparently that's what the "cancel" part does according to her. Sprint was helpful in removing the charge, but it still irks me. She said that by filling out an online customer survey you agree to receive text promotions. Others have noticed it after texting local radio stations to win tickets, etc.

  9. I also got hit with this inspiracell scam.

  10. Well here we go again. I got the message Friday, March 11. I also followed with the carrier they gave me someone to call. The number is 877-874-3564 (inspira-cell). They wasnt there on sunday but i will be back at it on monday

  11. Omg. I was billed almost $11 for one stupid quote! I replied stop too!! Ugh :(( and I also got billed $11 for something called Sendme Inc. :( I didn't sign up for anything!! My moms gonna call my phone company to ask them to drop the charges.. what a scam.

  12. I called my provider and they stopped the messages but I still have to call Inspriacell to fight for my $9.99 + $1.05 that my carrier is going to charge me. I'd like to know how they got my number in the first place as I don't give it out...

  13. I am forming a class action for sprint users who were affected by this scam.
    Please vist

  14. I tried going to the class action lawsuit site, ( it just took me to an ad for lawyers for class action lawsuits. Whats up with that ? ? Another scam ???

  15. I got it and didn't reply, I was charged 9.99 on my bill. I complained to AT&T but they say they will give a one-time credit. sucks!!
    This must be illegal. We need to complaint