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Monday, January 24, 2011

Leaked Palestinian Papers Raise Questions For U.S. | KQED Public Media for Northern CA

Leaked Palestinian Papers Raise Questions For U.S. KQED Public Media for Northern CA:

"As Crowley, the State Dept. spokesman argues, New York is not the place to resolve the conflict.
'The best and only way to fundamentally resolve the core issues, reach an agreement and end the conflict once and for all is through a negotiation not through unilateral statements, unilateral actions,' Crowley says."

Khalidi's got some interesting things to say about this on Democracy Now. In 2008, Palin called him a terrorist associate of Obama and people were terrified he's have a position in government. He isn't a terrorist, but rather a scholar (the same in some people's eyes) and a lot of good could have been done in the Israeli Palestinian issue if he were invited to help the Obama administration.

Did Israel need Palestinian agreement, blessing and permission for going to the UN and declaring itself a state with borders it made up?

Why on earth is it no ok for Palestinians to take the crumbs from their table and claim for their own what everyone already recognizes as their territory? And after listening to the contents of the leaks, you will see the crumbs are a lot less than usually referred to.

The UN is not the place to solve the issue?? We've got to ask ourselves why that is. Because normally it would be the perfect place. It is only not the place when the US will veto anything of consequence that doesn't directly benefit Israel whether it's just words or a resolution of substance that partitions and makes things clear.

Unilateral action is not the way to go? That's what negotiations are in this case. Israel gets exactly what it wants or the "deal" falls through. As these leaks have shown, there is no room for negotiation in Israel's demands.

No unilateral statements? I guess Congress didn't get that memo! They have at least one resolution at a minimum every session about how much they love Israel and it's our duty to protect them no matter what, Palestinians must try harder, Israel's committed to peace, etc... oh and by the way, we hope this thing ends in peace somewhow.


Against Goldstone investigation into flotilla raid

Gaza incursion

bipartisan support for Israel, not international law

Neither did Israel for that matter. Unilateral is business as usual for them.

Now, let's talk about the contents of the leaked documents. Wow. Palestinians giving away some of the West Bank and most of E. Jerusalem? What?

The first thing that comes to mind is is this legit? Who would make it up, though? Certainly not Israel. It makes them look pretty bad, rejecting such huge, unpublicized concessions because it didn't meet Israel's demands for complete capitulation. How they refuse is very polite, but if this is real, it says volumes. Volumes to be moved (for most) from the conspiracy theory/ left wingnut shelf firmly to the valid, factual, historical shelf.

Livni reportedly replies to the offer: "We do not like this suggestion because it does not meet our demands, and probably it was not easy for you to think about it, but I really appreciate it."

They really appreciate it. Niiiice. They already have more than intended by the UN. More than is fair. Palestinians offer to make the 1967 land grab and most of it to recent times legal (to name one item) and Israel rejects it because one settlement is left out.

Would Palestinians? It makes Israel look bad, true, but would they sacrifice the consequences of making public giving away all of that land for nothing?

The US surely wouldn't. It makes Israel look bad. That's enough. But, it also makes the US look bad by pressuring Palestinians to make these huge concessions to get nothing in return except making talks succeed. Rice essentially said they had to give up all of that in order for any deal to be struck. That's bleak and maybe Palestinians fell for it. This is in support of violation of international law which states that the settlements are illegal due to the 4th Geneva Convention. Surely we wouldn't want to be seen on the other side of the law, would we?

I say, on to the UN! Or preferably a method the US can't veto...

Clearly, the US and Israel are not interested in anything but Israel's demands.

As dismal as it seems to not deal with the US and Israel, it seems Palestinians have at least as good or maybe better chances if they go it alone or find other business partners.

Another thing the leaks make clear is that all those times we slapped Israel on the wrist, got embarrassed by them, expressed our displeasure, called settlements unhelpful, etc were just feeble attempts at making us look more even-handed. Israel has been in charge of this thing from the beginning and our role of mediator is to get Palestinians to agree to whatever Israel decides it wants.

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