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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome Republicans

I'm all for some of the changes like eliminating votes on national pi day and silly things like this that apparently make up a large chunk of Congressional business. I'm for eliminating some pork. I don't think you can get rid of it all since it might be used in bargaining and the Congressmen have to represent their constituents as well as do what's best for the nation.

What I don't get is the investigation of climate scientists. It is a waste of time. On one hand, even if climate change is bogus, there is an attitude of science vs religion in this country that the evolution debate should tell you what the result of this will be and hence how much time and money will be wasted trying to prove only that you are right.

Even if climate change is bogus, the Christians above all people should understand that we were given all of this by God and we are to be good stewards of everything whether it is nature or money! That would translate into supporting climate change legislation, limits on carbon emission and pollution, and encouraging people to reduce reuse an recycle. Yes, you'd be on the same side as liberals, but I think it's more important to be on the right side. Comfort yourself by realizing you may have different reasons for the position. Whether you want to save the planet or use and preserve what God gave you in a respectful and wise way, we should all be on the same page!

Those Bible quotes various Republicans like to quote in Congress miss the point! So lets say they are using the scriptures correctly and let's say hypothetically that Gen 8:21 proves climate change wrong (I don't really think that). Should we then go on to waste resources, use more oil, scrap electric and hybrid cars, windmill projects, hydroelectric power, nuclear power, solar technology, stop recycling, stop reusing because buying new will help the economy, and all of these things just because they won't cause the earth to be destroyed before Jesus comes back and the final judgment occurs (after which the earth will in fact be burned up- but let's leave 2 Peter 3:10 out of it- bet they won't quote that one on the floor!) ? Anyway, NO! And even if the Bible didn't have a lot to say about wisdom and being a good steward, one would think you'd be so grateful (Christians especially) for what God gave you that you'd want to take care of it rather than waste, pollute and destroy. One would think.

On another item, there is talk of impeachment if Obama makes it to a second term. And I thought we were looking to cut waste? Impeach Obama? Really? This is as stupid as the Congressmen who have made it known they will oppose Obama and want him to fail from the beginning. They are probably the same people. Bush actually did a ton of things that would have made a really good case, so if that didn't happen, Obama has no worries.

Republicans also plan to investigate Muslim "radicalization". I wonder what's in store for Muslims, Arabs, people with Arab names and of Arab heritage, and people who generally look Arab, like Pacific Islanders and Indians? I feel like we're going to be turning back the clock on understanding. Will the net be wide again? Will the junk paranoid racist email start flying? I hope it isn't so, like the feeling in the back of my mind after 9/11 that said internment happened once, it could happen again. Maybe Republicans will be able to reign in their own radicals so that freedom and civil liberties will be preserved.

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