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Monday, February 14, 2011

Beck, O'Reilly and the budding romance

But I also wonder if we're seeing a transition. O'Reilly is face of Fox News' past success -- an aggressive, usually conservative-oriented take on the news of the day, laced with a dose of alamism and fear.
Beck is a new voice who takes that alarmism to operatic levels, creating a cult of personality through his show that is focused on the issues he finds compelling. Most recently, he's unveiled a 100-year plan to curb what he calls "progressives" attempts to turn America into a "socialist utopia."
Quote from:

Caught this while reading some more on the celebration in Egypt...

I thought Sarah Palin was bad. She is, but no one really takes her seriously.

But, these guys, I know for a fact some people respect. And that's sad.

This is Valentine's Day. I hate what comes out of these guys' mouths, but they appear to be having quite the love fest- appearing on each other's shows, laying the compliments on thick.

This was great:

Why Are Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly Touring Together?

Apparently, Beck was on O'Reilly's show Jan 31:

And again on Feb 11:

I think there were other times, but in these last ones they talk about Egypt some.

Beck actually says he thinks Egyptians don't hate us because of our freedoms, but rather because of our meddling in the rest of the world. This will be a serious breakthrough... or point of serious contention with his audience! :) I couldn't believe he actually said that. I mean, it made sense. Somewhat. I don't think Egyptians hate us, actually.

He then goes on to make a few more typical and ridiculous points (to which surprisingly, O'Reilly is skeptical!):

*the uprising "is being orchestrated by the Marxist Communists and the Muslim Brotherhood"
*if Mubarak goes, it will (he does say "could," but you know what he means) be the start of an Islamic caliphate across the region
(He is at least in part quoting Mubarak! I knew I heard it somewhere before.)

Apparently on the Feb 11 show, O'Reilly challenges Beck on these points. I kind of want to watch it, but don't know if I'll waste the time on these two Islamophobic spreaders of conspiracy theory and urban legend.

I wonder if this is a Presidential ticket or just a money making scheme or passing of the fearmongering torch. The Palin/ Joe the Plumber would be much more entertaining. Who would take which role? Surely neither ego would want the VP slot! It's probably about money.

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