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Monday, March 28, 2011

Ask Netanyahu a question

My question:

The UN resolutions for resolving the conflict are already in place on borders, refugees, Jerusalem, etc- why do you refuse to comply?

It said there was an error. It probably didn’t go through.

Other ones I wanted to ask:

Why do you think Israel deserves to defend itself given its brutal occupation and expulsion of millions of human beings?

Do you value Jewish human life above Arab human life?

Why do you still occupy Palestinian land (national security is not an answer)?

Do you still subscribe to the myth that Palestine was a “land without people for a people with no land?”

Why do Jews from all over the earth get a free pass to Israel, but you cannot abide by UN resolutions to let Palestinian refugees of Jewish terrorist violence and their descendants go home to Palestine?

If you do believe in democracy and human rights and claim to be part of the civilized world, why then do you have to own and control all of Palestine and deny rights/entry to the native people?

I guess asking questions of Netanyahu is like asking questions to any despot. They won’t tell the truth or the answer will be a predictable non-answer. For example they are allowed to oppress, starve, kill innocents, bulldoze, deny visas, divide families, build walls, grab land, build illegal settlements, control borders, control water, control imports/exports, bomb police and infrastructure, and “combat” non-violence with live fire because of national security, the right to exist, the right to defend oneself. Defense. From what? Why do they get a free pass on the consequences of oppressing a large population whose land they were granted a portion of and kept taking?

Gotta love how everyone looks at this conflict beginning at the middle. Why are Palestinians upset? They have no rights, no freedom. It is said there cannot be peace without justice. What did American colonists do in the face of possibly lesser wrongs? We called it liberation. The British called us savage terrorists. 

There was a bombing in Jerusalem last week. People are horrified. How could Palestinians kill an innocent woman? People don’t want to think about what Palestinians have lived through over the decades. I often wonder how much Americans would take of what Israel is doing to Palestinians before we would take up arms. I’m guessing it would have been a lot sooner. We never ask why do Palestinians have to pay the price for the Holocaust and why do these victims get to victimize others and be shielded from all justifiable (or not) consequences. Why are they not forced to comply with law and UN resolutions that would neatly resolve all of the things Israel insists on starting talks to think about how to talk about these issues?

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