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Monday, April 25, 2011

Netanyahu one of Time's 100 Infuential People??

At first glance, I said, "Whaaa?" The guy is the two time PM of a country that has succeeded in putting off negotiations for decades. They have been offered 99% of what they demanded of their victims and still denied them statehood. As though Palestinians need their permission...but that is another matter.

Getting beyond the first glance... I guess he could be considered influential in the way Hitler was an effective leader or Satan the way would be charismatic if he took human form. Definitely not in a good way, though. He is on record conceding to the Palestinians a demilitarized state. Doesn't that say it all? Who would accept that?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Palestinian statehood, upgraded status, and Resolution 377

Amid all the nonsense - rapture watch, patriotic network, israpundit, endtimeprophecy, etc (warning of a terror state, imposition on Israel, repercussions of a state, doom and gloom for allowing justice for oppressed people) - I have found what I hope is factual info on this resolution to start us off: 

Will the US with the Israel situation join the ranks of the Soviet Union (Korea) and South Africa (apartheid) who have had Res 377 used "against" them because they are obstacles to peace and human decency? 

One can only hope. It may be the only option.

The UN Resolutions are already in place for a Palestinian state, refugees, Jerusalem, etc. Israel won't comply with these or the Geneva convention with regard to treating people and prisoners fairly and occupying/annexing land via settlements. 

What good are negotiations and peace plans? The way is already clear and decided. Israel refuses to move forward in implementing them.

The US will veto every UN resolution criticizing Israel for not complying with these resolutions.

The recent Palestine Papers leaks pretty well prove that Israel will not agree to anything less than 100% of their - the aggressor, the occupier - demands met. Again, what good are negotiations?

I know that some see a Palestinian bias to my writing or think what I say is unreasonable at times. This, however, is not one of those times. The US has vetoed in situations to appease Israel that defy logic, justice, and sometimes law. We have become as obstinate as the old Soviet Union and apartheid South Africa. Something has to be done. The US certainly is not interested in finding a just solution to the impasse. Someone else take the reins, please! 

Along these promising lines...

March 7- Britain upgraded the Palestine delegation’s status to mission. 
France, Spain and Portugal have apparently already done this.


I remember hearing about Brazil and Argentina, but Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Uruguay have recognized it in recent history (since 2009) making a total of 112 yes votes; 6 additional ones are inconclusive.

The J Post wants to allay fears that Britain is recognizing a Palestinian state. 

They won’t make the mission an embassy until a peace settlement is made. And we’re back to square one. Israel won’t do this unless all it’s demands are met. Which means Palestinians have to give up right of return, accept unfair treatment in Israel, accept a demilitarized permanent occupation/apartheid pseudo state situation. What does Israel have to do? Sit back and play the victim and complain about having no partner for peace until Palestinians are forced to accept Israel’s conditions for “peace” without justice.


First Palin, now Trump?? Circus 2012 begins.

I have serious doubts about the Tea Party's decision making skills. Sarah Palin and now Donald Trump?? We've had the discussions about why Palin is unfit for the office of POTUS. 

Donald Trump. Where to begin? Many are admitting GWB was not all they thought he was what with the wars, one of which was not warranted at all and diverted our attention to the real problem that caused 9/11 - not to mention the fact that we put these on credit, the economic situation which was ignored or not noticed until the very end of his term, and the cowboy diplomacy that ruined our reputation. So after that's behind us, let's get behind a guy who will be Bush's worst points amplified. Bush favored big business. Trump IS big business. I don't see any advantages to electing this guy except if he promises to pay off the national debt and gets rid of our credit dependence. Even then, there are a whole lot of disadvantages to consider...

Donald Trump appears to be much closer to the dictator people tried to make Obama out to be. But he is pro life and anti gun control and that's all a lot of people need to know. So what if he's already admitted that instead of diplomats, he'd like to see the slimiest, sleaziest business leaders of New York (that he knows) running the foreign policy show. The mafia maybe? If you don't pass our resolution or get on our bandwagon, consider yourself a target for assassination?? Is that how to get a stronger, better reputation (That's if you go with his view that others view us as weak- I think our reputation got better after Bush, myself...)? He says he doesn't want nice guys in diplomacy or wants to scrap diplomacy altogether and go with sleazeballs. ??? What is this? Throw out negotiation. My way or the highway (Bush) - to the extreme. That's how he wants to deal with other countries. What obout opposition in his own country?? If he doesn't like some Americans' views, what will he do? Declare in reality show fashion- "You're fired!" ?? He thinks other countries view us as weak. Sounds like he's interested in North Korean strength, rather than American values-- at first blush anyway.

This article has 3 interesting reasons he won't run
1. He donated to Democrats
2. He's as divisive as Palin, but has considerably more who hate him than love him.
3. His policies will raise prices dramatically.

His poll numbers do jump when you look at just "Birthers," though...

This guy worries me. He talks like a dictator, not someone interested in representing others. I still need to know more about what he believes, what his governing philosophies are. What I do know makes me uneasy. He sounds like a guy used to getting his own way and not playing well with others which doesn't bode well for the top job in a democracy. Will he play by the rules and respect democratic values or will he find a creative way to get around it in sleazy businessman style? I need to hear a bit more on how he plans to work with and hear those opposed to his views (inside the country; we know he'll railroad his own views through with foreign countries) and how attached he is to our form of government. Does he think of America as a giant business? Lots to consider. Kind of hoping we won't have to consider him.

Even though Huckabee's Christian Zionism would really destroy any progress in the Middle East and cast doubt on how separate church and state would be, I still think he'd be a more stable, sane choice than Trump or Palin, if I were Republican, that is.