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Monday, April 18, 2011

Palestinian statehood, upgraded status, and Resolution 377

Amid all the nonsense - rapture watch, patriotic network, israpundit, endtimeprophecy, etc (warning of a terror state, imposition on Israel, repercussions of a state, doom and gloom for allowing justice for oppressed people) - I have found what I hope is factual info on this resolution to start us off: 

Will the US with the Israel situation join the ranks of the Soviet Union (Korea) and South Africa (apartheid) who have had Res 377 used "against" them because they are obstacles to peace and human decency? 

One can only hope. It may be the only option.

The UN Resolutions are already in place for a Palestinian state, refugees, Jerusalem, etc. Israel won't comply with these or the Geneva convention with regard to treating people and prisoners fairly and occupying/annexing land via settlements. 

What good are negotiations and peace plans? The way is already clear and decided. Israel refuses to move forward in implementing them.

The US will veto every UN resolution criticizing Israel for not complying with these resolutions.

The recent Palestine Papers leaks pretty well prove that Israel will not agree to anything less than 100% of their - the aggressor, the occupier - demands met. Again, what good are negotiations?

I know that some see a Palestinian bias to my writing or think what I say is unreasonable at times. This, however, is not one of those times. The US has vetoed in situations to appease Israel that defy logic, justice, and sometimes law. We have become as obstinate as the old Soviet Union and apartheid South Africa. Something has to be done. The US certainly is not interested in finding a just solution to the impasse. Someone else take the reins, please! 

Along these promising lines...

March 7- Britain upgraded the Palestine delegation’s status to mission. 
France, Spain and Portugal have apparently already done this.


I remember hearing about Brazil and Argentina, but Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Uruguay have recognized it in recent history (since 2009) making a total of 112 yes votes; 6 additional ones are inconclusive.

The J Post wants to allay fears that Britain is recognizing a Palestinian state. 

They won’t make the mission an embassy until a peace settlement is made. And we’re back to square one. Israel won’t do this unless all it’s demands are met. Which means Palestinians have to give up right of return, accept unfair treatment in Israel, accept a demilitarized permanent occupation/apartheid pseudo state situation. What does Israel have to do? Sit back and play the victim and complain about having no partner for peace until Palestinians are forced to accept Israel’s conditions for “peace” without justice.


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