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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Celebrating Death? Even Bin Laden's?

If you are on Facebook, this may be a repeat...

I am relieved Bin Laden is gone, but is outright celebration really appropriate?! Death doesn't really put me in a celebratory mood. It also seems like the celebrations would just increase the size of targets on your (and my) backs for revenge attacks. Must everything be like a sporting event here? We didn't just win a match at the Olympics. You can't tell, though. It reminds me of all the flag waving in support of the Iraq war. Nauseating. It was said on the radio that the cheers were patriotic, not vengeful. Interesting  observation. I disagree. Doesn't anyone remember the run-up to Iraq? Dissent was unpatriotic. The flag waving and patriotism was code for vengeance which is what disgusted me twice over.

I mean, we don't even know if this is going to help the terrorism situation. With him in hiding, the group seemed to splinter and not be so dependent on him anyway. 

Our policies and relations with the Middle East are a HUGE problem that hasn't really changed. At least we aren't cowboy diplomats anymore, but we still have policies that seem to imply we are entitled to oil and certain things in this world- and we are still yoked to Israel in a co-dependent, delusional unbreakable way...

Some other thoughts I had...

Obama's methods were a clear asset in the Bin Laden affair. He reached out to Pakistan. He didn't act rashly and embarrass them and threaten them so that force would be our only option. Had it been Bush or Palin or McCain or Trump, who knows how this would have turned out. Badly.

I wonder if people will give credit to Obama. They wanted to dump the financial mess in his lap even though the bottom fell out during the campaign and the last 8 years had nothing to do with it. I think Obama averted disaster, but no one will recognize that because the worst didn't happen. I wonder what he will get credit for and what he will get stuck with when it's all said and done.

I hope the death of bin Laden frees us to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. We can now close the book on questionable and/or wrong methods like torture, extra-judicial assassination, Guantanamo, wrongs past and present. Can't we? Obama hasn't quite lived up to my expectations foreign policy-wise, but if we can get out or significantly reduce our presence, we'd be able to completely turn the page or close the book on Bush's presidency in record time. It usually takes longer to fix things than to break them, but I'm now hopeful that won't be the case here.

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