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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Israel disgruntled over PA reunification (?)

Israel suspends cash to Palestinians after Hamas deal

Israel won't release the tax revenues even though it is part of peace treaties signed in the past because the PA has succeeded or nearly succeeded in reuniting Fatah and Hamas. I thought the divide was a problem that needed to be worked out before talks continue and now Israel (and probably the US, though I haven't heard) wants to hang everything on eliminating Hamas. Unity is needed to conduct elections and resume democratic reforms. This should be considered a good thing. Unless you are Israel an know that your oppression of an entire population empowers extreme elements... but that's the Palestinians' fault, not yours. Of course. (???)

Israel is allowed to take such measures when the PA makes progress, but doesn't go the way Israel wants. Palestinians on the other hand have to deal with Israel regardless of which terrorist is at the helm. Most of Israel's PMs have been members of Irgun and Haganah and Stern Gang, but that doesn't factor in at all despite the fact that they haven't really renounced any terrorist beliefs, only (in addition) embraced a kind of pseudo-democracy where Palestinians deserve nothing more than second class citizenship- and in many cases- not even that.

Palestinians have been expected to "negotiate" in the time of Kahane and his Kach movement and TNT.

They had to deal with Ariel Sharon in Ministry of Housing, Defense and PM.
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Palestinians must deal with Israel even when people such as Avigdor Lieberman with terrorist credentials are in government in such posts as Foreign Minister.
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