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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Year from Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Another on the Horizon

Amidst all the discouraging news, Obama's speech and inaction in the Middle East, Congress's blind devotion to a state as equally devoted to ethnic cleansing as some of the worst of the worst, we have this bit of hope in the solidarity flotillas. The Mavi Marmara or one like it will sail again. Until the powers that be see there will be no peace without actual justice and equality, Palestinians need to keep up the non-violent protest, flotillas and UN 377 pursuit. I would have liked to see more influence of the "Arab Spring," but when you've got a power of suppression that is far more acceptable- and even beloved- than Iran or Mubarak for that matter, everyone's going to have to get involved.

This flotilla and last year's incident with the Mavi Marmara has been frowned upon by the US, UN and others that also say Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory is unsustainable. What should they do then? Wait on the US and Israel to decide on a palatable (for them) solution that guarantees Israel's absolute control over the area while giving the appearance of a degree of democracy and human rights for Palestinians?

The flotillas are unhelpful (UN) and provocative (Ottawa), but what, may I ask, of Israel's push to rename ALL cities with Hebrew names? Is this effort to erase Palestinian history in Israel not provocative? When white people in this country wanted to erase black history- or their very presence with segregation- what did we call that?

What about bills to enact loyalty oaths to the Jewish state (what if you're not Jewish??) and bills that make commemoration of genocide/ethnic cleansing a crime? Is this not provocative? Who is trying to push whom into the sea these days? 

What about the extremist in Israeli gov't behind these things- are we going to deny Israel aid? Say anything about this guy to them? Shall we refuse to deal with them until they "fix" the problem and get someone in there willing to give Palestinians rights?

Why is no one in our government the least bit concerned that Israel can't even treat Palestinian Israelis with dignity, so how on earth are they going to be able to give refugees (those they chased out under threat of death at various times) and neighbors any respect at all??

Some points on Israeli apartheid in case you're still thinking I'm ridiculous for using the term:

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