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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cutting aid to Israel's neighbors

Cut aid to Israel instead or in addition and free up some serious cash... and our conscience!!! And moving the embassy to Jerusalem in the same bill?! Republicans complain about "activist judges" and they're trying to write international law and preempt negotiations! They are a funny bunch!

And this quote below is pretty hilarious when you consider people like Avigdor Lieberman are sitting in Israeli government, cabinet and positions such as Foreign Minister. I mean we welcomed this guy and talked to him like an equal! But when you consider we are occupiers as well (They understand well that in order to save face and make money and get what you want, you've sometimes got to kill a lot of innocent people, but you shouldn't think too much about that part.), perhaps we feel more of that extra special warm and fuzzy bond people always talk about...

The Republicans would also cut off security assistance to Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority and Yemen if Islamic militant movements such as Hezbollah and Hamas hold any position in government.

And what do people always say about the UN or any criticism of Israel? There must be an equal and opposite action against Palestinians? Or is that a law in thermodynamics... or both. Whatever. Anyway, if they are going to support moving the embassy to Jerusalem for Israel, they should also support Jerusalem as the capital for Palestinians and suggest the Palestinian leadership move there, too. I mean, if you're going to insist that any bill or resolution with criticism of Israel also have criticism of Palestinians to be legitimate or at least not blatant anti-Semitism, we've got to bite the bullet and divide the capital. It's only fair.

This cutting of aid to Israel's neighbors is a problem all the way around. We are handing extremist groups a prime recruiting tool on a silver platter! Not to mention, we'd be grouping entire populations of moderates and the whole spectrum with a few extremists. We are definitely asking for more extremists. I mean, when you are a moderate and are treated like an extremist, what incentive is there to take the high road? Why cooperate with the US? Why not attack us?

Edit: I think since this has been in draft form, this has been rejected in the House, but I can't find where I read or heard that...

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