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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three Cups of Tea or Deceit?

I'm reading Three Cups of Tea currently. It strikes me as a great and inspiring story of a guy bummed over his failed climb becoming inspired to build schools in a village in or near Afghanistan. The descriptions are profuse and detailed...a little too much, though. And sometimes the descriptions of Mortenson being unbelievably frugal and selling all his possessions to use it all for schools, asking for traditional clothes and asking to learn to pray, etc are a little over the top or obsequious. I wonder if Mortenson took copious notes on his thoughts, etc during this process or if Mortenson told the narrator about his journey and he may have added his own thoughts or Mortenson wrote it and. I'd be curious about how the book came to be. It seems the narrator is quite smitten, however it was accomplished. His personal story is much the same- it seems a little too good to be true. That can be overlooked, though, if the building success is as advertised...

Which brings us to a problem I hadn't been aware of. So, I got my Pixel of Ink email about discounted ebooks. Usually, there's nothing I like, but Three Cups of Deceit caught my eye, since I was planning to read Three Cups of Tea. ($2.99, by the way) Hmmm. Did someone actually uncover some evidence that I'd be interested in or is this some kind of nut with an agenda or vendetta against Mortenson. The latter is pretty unlikely. I mean, I'm used to sorting out disinformation campaigns in my interest in reading books on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. That is the norm in that area. This shouldn't be prone to the same thing- I wouldn't think. Maybe there's something to this.

I guess I've got another book to read!

This stuff seems pretty recent- April and May 2011. His book came out in 2007, I think.

Exclusive: Three Cups of Tea Author Greg Mortenson Sued for Fraud, Deceit, Breach of Contract

The link below mentions the 60 Minutes report on this, as well as and investigation by the BBC and others:

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