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Friday, October 14, 2011

Boycott, Divest, Sanctions

Flash Mob at a grocery store. I'm not sure if this was Boycott, divest, Sanctions, but they do have a handy dandy flash mob toolkit :) Ok, the link is for US Campaign to End Israeli Occupation, not BDS!

I don't think I see this many people who know a lot about the conflict in my area, let alone that would come out and do THAT! I figure, you've got to have thousands of people talking and caring about the issue to get anywhere near that many people to come out and plan and execute a flash mob.

Barghouti's book on the BDS campaign:

I haven't read it, but it's on the list.


In thinking about lists I've seen of companies to boycott, I have a few thoughts...

I am familiar with the Ahava campaign, Stolen Beauty, and others. Or Caterpillar. Yes, I've written them. If you're making the claim of social responsibility and your products are famous for bulldozing homes, sorry, you've asked for it. I would guess there are also certain companies you shouldn't buy feta, hummus, dates, olives, falaffel mix and other Middle Eastern foods from, like Sabra, Tribe, Carmel (Agrexco), etc.

Blog post about Sabra "caving"... I think the ardent Sabra supporter author is still justified in promoting Sabra... but whatever...

There is a 729 campaign for the barcode (1st 3 numbers), but not everything made there has these numbers. I think it matters in which country items made in the Occupied Territories are being sold as to what barcode it has, among other factors, so this hasn't proven terribly reliable. If I see "made in Israel" I'll take that as my hint. I won't buy it. I've never seen 729 on these items, by the way. Yes, I check. I'm curious.

As for boycotting Nestle or McDonald's for doing business over there, I think that is an issue to be taken up by letters, protests, getting prominent people to speak up in ads and other public ways.

This flier lists a few companies, mostly in NY to boycott:


A UK initiative to twin cities with Palestinian ones;
they also have info on buying Palestinian goods:

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