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Monday, October 10, 2011

No to mosque burning, but collective punishment and ethinic cleansing ok?

Another "Price Tag" attack. 

And in case we are in any doubt about who the targets are, a Christian and a Muslim cemetery was vandalized with slogans like "death to the Arabs" and others.

I wonder what Christian Zionists are thinking in times like these? (My post on Christian Zionism) That Christians deserve to pay or should be glad to pay for the Jewish right to oppress others? Oh, wait - Christian Zionists probably aren't thinking anything about this- this wasn't reported in the US. At least I didn't get it from any American source. And the BBC has something, but it is taking a back seat to Arab Spring progress on the web page.

Anyway, back to Price Tag...
On graves this time. Classy. The Price Tag movement by definition, though, is just that classy. It's a bunch of people (Jewish settlers mostly? Or have more joined in?) who attack innocent Palestinians when their own government shows any movement toward following the law, which began with "dismantling" illegal settler outposts (ignores that ALL settlements are ILLEGAL). Another fact that seems to be overlooked by all is that this is TERRORISM by most peoples' definition, yet we call it Price Tag or refer to it like an isolated attack. 

Lately, it has been noted by Ha'aretz that Price Tag Terrorsts don't need a trigger, just opportunity. Will we hold these people responsible for the failure of peace talks and start thinking of all Jews in terms of arsonists and grave vandals? Will this justify flying jets over Israeli cities and dropping one ton bombs all over the place? Shall we erect checkpoints and enact curfews that shut down normal life? Blockades? Will we round up and rough up every young Jew and throw them into prison until they get something useful? Shall we deport the suspects to an Eastern European exile? Of course none of this will happen- Israel isn't fighting a state or a people that has this capability. But what if... Never mind. In reality, the suspects probably won't even face jail time.

Two links on the current attacks:

The contradiction that prompted the post:

"Burning of mosques goes against the values ​​of Israel as a Jewish state," Livni said.

 So this is encouraging, right? I suppose it was more relief actually. You never know what's going to be the official Israeli line. Usually it is something pretty preposterous. 1000 Palestinian dead and they used restraint, have the most moral army in the world, tried really hard to prevent casualties. 

They are condemning the mosque attacks. Great. What about the occupation and collective punishment? Does demolishing homes go against Jewish values? Is it a democratic value to continually ban refugees from returning home after war, not allow family reunification, deny visas, erect checkpoints, etc so that you can maintain a certain demographic favorable to you?

More on "Price Tag" (my previous posts):

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