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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sanctions for UN bid; not for Israeli violence??

Write your representatives here:

US to sanction Palestinians for going to UN, but no sanctions on Israel's ignoring UN Resolutions, international law, human rights and decency (i.e. not trashing the place and pooping on the floor when you do your illegal searches and seizures) not to mention causing humanitarian crises, collective punishment and using disproportionate force on captive mostly civilian "targets"???

Punishment for nonviolence. What message are we trying to send? Obviously, we were lying when we said all those years that we can't support Palestinians because of suicide bombings- we had no intention of bestowing statehood on them any which way.

Jul 1-6, 2011 S.Res.185

I found this link about the passage and various Senators' statements on the floor regarding it, but no news articles on S. Res. 185's passage. Well worth reading.

A rewriting of 185... I like it.

Text -

H.Res.268 July 6, 2011

The play by play on H. Res. 268- NY Times

A Green Party (GA) notice on the H. Res. 268 vote that day.


September 19, 2011 in Haaretz- US urges Netanyahu not to impose stiff sanctions??

October 2, 2011 US Congress compared to playground bullies

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