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Monday, November 7, 2011

Jerusalem fight in US

Seems like I've heard this story before...

High court to weigh whether passport of Jerusalem-born American can say he was born in Israel

A US family is suing to try and get Jerusalem, Israel listed as the birthplace on a passport for their son. An argument they are using is that he was born in West Jerusalem, so only those who don't want Israel to exist would object. Hmmm. Typical. But doesn't really follow international law that the status depends on the final outcome of negotiations. 

Why are we even hearing this? Shouldn't this be thrown out? If the courts side with the family, we are essentially making a unilateral decision to say Jews have a right to Jerusalem as the undivided capital since we'd be making a move on this law that was passed but was on hold due to international law concerns. That concern would be gone. We might as well get behind Israel's initiatives to ethnically cleanse (or transfer if you prefer the soft term) Jerusalem and Israel to the 1967 borders of Palestinians. Or a one state solution where all have equal rights. But this is something not even a black president will dare to do. I thought Obama would be able to see the injustice and want to fight it wherever it occurred, but that was a mistake. This is America. Rights are for certain people. And that is determined by us, what's in it for us, and how much economic gain there is for us. This is the part where we forget about our "Christian nation" until the abortion and gay marriage stuff comes up. After we stop talking about money and power and how much we want and have, then let's remember God.

There is or was a law trying to get the embassy moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and this is what this is about.

This is from Bush's unusually wise decision to delay moving the embassy:

The truth is, it is a bit like anything else Israel does (true, these are Americans, but acting in the interest of Israel). Building a wall on Palestinian land, building settlements on Palestinian land, bulldozing homes in East Jerusalem due to building restrictions for Palestinians only. Build a light rail connecting Jerusalem to the settlements in the occupied territory to go with those Jewish only roads. Anything to prejudice the outcome in their favor. 

And let's not even mention how these Americans are fighting over putting the word Israel on a passport when they are allowed to have citizenship in Israel free and clear while Palestinian natives in Israel (and refugees abroad while we're at it) have no such right. There is no Israeli nationality; there is a Jewish nationality. Christian and Muslim are not nationalities, so where does that leave them? 93% of the land "belongs" to the JNF and like foundations for Jewish use only. Attempts are often made to ban Arab political parties. The Citizenship and Entry in to Israel Law- disproportionately affects Arabs, if you marry an Israeli, you can't live in Israel and the Israeli must give up citizenship if you live in OPT. Arabs are exempt from military service which makes sense (given that they'd be required to occupy and control fellow Palestinians), but this means a lot of services, benefits, opportunities of citizenship are not open to them since they often have the stipulation that you have to have completed your compulsory service.

Minority Rights in Israel:
(legal organization)

Palestinian Rights Absent From Recent Israeli Protest Demands:
(describes some of the institutionalized discrimination)

***(not described is how institutionalized discrimination is apartheid and should not be supported by the US government or anyone)***

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