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Monday, April 23, 2012

Netanyahu on TIME's list of influential people

Several things are pretty funny about this...

Netanyahu being called influential, rather than a criminal.

The title of the mini-article is "Israel's loyal servant"... written by Eric Cantor, a US Congressman and another of Israel's loyal servants.

Netanyahu's and other Israeli leaders' "oversized challenges" were mentioned without elaborating. Could he by chance be talking about maintaining a Jewish majority in a majority Arab area by any and all means necessary, even ethnic cleansing and getting people to criticize the people being "cleansed"??

On the not so funny side, Cantor used half the article as a petition to gain support for attacking Iran and support for Israel. Both things Americans need to seriously call into question and analyze with a clear head and knowledge of what has happened-- not since the last Israeli tragedy, but since 1948 and before.

Maybe someone could have convinced me Netanyahu deserved to be on this list if they had spoken honestly about his crimes and shortcomings, as we do when discussing the leadership skills of other evil dictators and people of that ilk, but I remain unconvinced by this obsequious, half blind representation.

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