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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Election 2012, foreign policy and Republicans... oh my

(I've combined 2 drafts, so I put the dates to make it a little less of a mess.)

September 5, 2012: A common talking point for Romney, Ryan and maybe others is the apology tour Obama supposedly went on- when Romney will go on a jobs tour. Ha ha! Except he confused apology with diplomacy. Oops!

Spetember 9, 2012:  He had a run-in with NASCAR before this weekend, but apparently, it went more smoothly than last time when he replied to the question of are you a fan with:

“Not as closely as some of the most ardent fans, but I have some friends who are NASCAR team owners.”

And on Osama bin Laden, Romney said that of course he would have done the same (even Jimmy Carter would have- it (the Carter comparison effort) started earlier than the conventions), so it's really no big deal that this happened while Obama was in office. Hmm... After seeing Romney's lack of knowledge and skills in the foreign policy arena, I'm thinking that no he couldn't do what Obama did in killing Osama bin Laden. That took leadership,  cooperation and diplomacy as well as military skill- and Romney just doesn't have that in him what with calling diplomacy apology and that "shambolic" European tour.

A draft from May 28, 2012:

Just watched on CNN, Romney and McCain doing a Memorial Day event. Rep. Issa interestingly says we have a responsibility to step in when lives and human rights are at stake, especially in the region with Israel, Jordan and he listed others. Israel and human rights...that's another story...

He claims a Romney admin would jump right in and save the day in Syria by arming the opposition groups, preferably with NATO, rather than our own troops. It's pretty easy to keep such a hard line when you're not sacrificing your own people, I guess. Not to mention, with Romney's Bush foreign policy team, intervention in the Middle East would be disasterous. Maybe they wouldn't need lies of WMD to start something and get in there to install a US friendly Western style democracy with the barrel of a gun that doesn't have a hope of surviving due to the lack of consideration for the people the government is supposed to serve.

They should stick with the economy because I'm NOT buying Romney with no foreign policy experience and a background that doesn't inspire confidence (like Obama's did for me) and a Bush foreign policy team is going to fix all the hot spots of the day, finish bringing troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan (if that's the plan- maybe he wants to keep them there?? Who knows?? Has he said?), and spend a ton on the military.

Romney is promising big spending on military because a strong military supposedly prevents wars...  Has he heard:
“You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.” --Albert Einstein

This is from March when Romney wasn't advocating military action in Syria, but McCain, his supporter that he's using to boost his foreign policy cred, would:

September 5, 2012:

I was right to be worried about this guy Romney and foreign policy. His European listen and learn tour took a rather crazy right turn and became tell everyone what to do and offend everyone you speak to tour- except Israel to whom he gave free reign to make our policy, move capitals when the mood strikes us, and we promise to execute it. Even if  they USS Liberty us again, we'll be right there killing whoever they want, giving them whatever money and weapons they think they need to fight the ever growing "demographic threat."

London- Romney criticized them for not being prepared for the 2012 Olympics. He not only appeared to criticize the leadership, but the British people, saying there are 3 keys to success and he wasn't sure the British public was up to creating the buzz. Ouch. Not long ago, Romney's campaign executed another gaffe about Obama not understanding Britain's and our Anglo Saxon ties...but he really doesn't know how to do diplomacy with an ally- and that's scary. What will he say to someone we consider hostile that we try and make peace with?? Us good. You bad. We bomb. ???

The British were ready with the rebuttal- the American Borat, shambolic visit, it's easy to put on an Olympics in the middle of nowhere. :) All spot on. :)

Poland- He's accused of trying to restart the cold war here. Whoa. And his aide cussed out a reporter I think. 

Israel- Possibly the biggest issue was that he said that the Jewish culture is the reason Jews make more money than occupied Palestinians. Really?? So, being occupied, having money confiscated, infrastructure bulldozed has nothing to do with it. Oh. 

Romney wished Jews and happy fasting holiday and never mentions Ramadan, the month long Muslim fasting holiday, not to mention ignoring Palestinian leadership when it came time for scheduling meetings.

He complimented Israel on their socialized medicine?!?! I'm confused. Isn't he (or his supporters) supposed to be calling Obama a socialist and saying how bad that is? This is the Republican line, but when in Israel, you praise everything they do- they can do no wrong. And with Romneycare in Massachusetts, what does this guy believe is the right way with regards to healthcare? He talks a Republican game, but enacts and endorses what Rebublicans call socialism.

He promised to move the embassy to Jerusalem and called this the capital of Israel??? I know this is a favorite lip service line to woo Jewish voters, but this is an issue for Israel and the Palestinians to decide and negotiate when they decide if they are going to live in one or two states with freedom and equal rights- not the US and DEFINITELY not a mere candidate for president! Coming from a Republican, you can consider it proof positive he'll ignore Palestinians and do whatever Israel wants- whether it is good for us of not. 

And- he essentially told Israel we'll back them up if they want to attack Iran. President Obama has said something to that effect, but urges restraint, diplomacy, caution. This goes beyond US policy and what should be said by a candidate on a listen and learn tour. Romney really needs to do more listening.

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