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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Local politics, not a liberal strong point, but look at this nonsense

Odd political attack ad- youtube link

So this is supposed to be an attack ad of our liberal candidate for the Senate. I guess it could be an ad FOR the conservative guy, but it's really just about premature birth or something. She CHOSE to have the baby when she thought she was miscarrying. Good for her. And great for science! Look how far we've come and don't you want to go out and fund some more? No, that's not what they want you to take away from this. You get the idea it's anti-abortion when she describes seeing her 24 week old baby and wondering at the fully formed body and individual fingers and toes. . . not exactly real first thoughts when you see your beloved infant you thought could have been dead- those are talking points. There is a rather hilarious sentence about the fetus WANTING to be born.And then at the end we get Kay Hagan's cartoonish exaggerated and probably misquoted position and Tom Tillis' CORRECT position.

 This woman chose to have the baby despite complications. Fantastic. I fail to see how this is an effective argument against giving others the right to choose what to do for their situation and with their bodies. Many conservatives will try and say that the fact that safe abortions are legal or that marriages between two people of the same sex is legal infringes on their rights and / or affect them in some way. This is absurd. If we start mandating that you have to get an abortion or that you have to be gay (or straight?!) to get married, we have something to talk about. Until then, these issues shouldn't even be issues.

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