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Monday, November 3, 2014

In West Bank, Israeli troops still escort Palestinian children to school

Now if Palestinians had an illegal settlement, they would all be hauled off to jail where they'd be beaten and held indefinitely. They get chased and bombed out of their legitimately owned homes and have been since the 30's. No, that's wrong, they wouldn't be jailed, they'd be bombed into oblivion. So, there's your solution, Israeli army, bombs! Call them up (or don't, whatever you are feeling like that day) and tell them they have 5 minutes to gather belongings, evacuate children, elderly and handicapped or else they will be bombed off the face of the planet.

The Israeli army claims the settlers are crazy and they can't do anything about the attacks on Palestinian farmers, children and everyone else. It's good they recognize the settlers are wrong, but it's not that they CAN'T do anything, they simply WON'T.

If Palestinians throw rocks (or if an Israeli undercover throws rocks to instigate) at settlers or any other Israeli, they are beat, hauled in to prison, beat up and left to rot there. Every incident is counted and there are statistics, some 3000 times. Since Israelis are allowed to do whatever they want without so much as a harsh word, curfew, closure, beating, bombing, prison, there are no statistics except by humanitarian groups who can occasionally catch some of these incidents and record them.

There is a more than 99% conviction rate for Palestinians and they get actual sentences and hauled back in if released, so it is clear that they have the resources and procedures in place to so something, they just refuse to equally arrest and prosecute Israeli Jews. Israeli settlers throwing rocks or painting racist graffiti and threats on mosques or murdering Palestinians get nothing- no jail time, not trial, not even a chase through the street or arrest.

From a settler:

The Palestinians “don’t want us here, and we don’t want them here,” Tor said. “That’s the problem.”In general, “the Muslims, they like blood,” Tor said. “Even if we give them Tel Aviv, they will continue to attack us. The leaders can say they want peace, but it’s not the truth.”
The stream of lies never ends. They make up things like the Arabs pushing Jews into the sea myth and they are just violent, it's in their genetics and stick to it as fact and as though it doesn't go both ways. Not to mention when you're sitting Palestinian land and even ISRAEL says you're there illegally, you kinda deserve what you get. You're asking for some kind of consequence. You have NO right to be there. They don't hate you, that's not it. If the Israeli army would do its job and remove these people, other people would not feel the need to defend their rights and land.

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