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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Israeli politics and a soapbox

The Trouble With Israel

I don't know that I want to quote everything behind the pay wall; I don't know the rules there. I will put in a plug for supporting the forms of media, radio and print that are as intelligent and delve into the issues you care about, like Harpers is for me. Free is great, but supporting the musicians and media doing good things is also pretty sweet.

This article may help you if you are as confused as I am how Netanyahu got elected AGAIN, even though he seems to be bad for the times and his people.

He also nailed an assessment of US Republicans and made a fun observation of Netanyahu:

"They know that they cannot say they are for keeping things as they are, which would make them advocates for plutocracy and inequality, for which there is no majority. So instead they say that they are only against “government,” and act in ways to resist or sabotage the workings of the state apparatus. Ordinary people start saying that Washington is broken, journalists flock to valorize the voice of the frustrated citizen — and Republicans win. It’s the perfect con."

"He may fancy himself a new Churchill given another chance to preempt Hitler in 1938. But he sounds more like Curtis LeMay, the Air Force general who headed the Strategic Air Command and said in 1965 that China would have the capacity to deliver bombs as soon as twenty-five years in the future, and that therefore the United States should entertain the “destruction of the Chinese military potential before the situation grows worse.”

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