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Monday, August 1, 2016

the pro-Trump argument. . .

Ran across this. The Facebook feed is not a place you want to be from here til November.

To The “Never Trumper”- A Biblical Case For Trump

The title itself is enough to get you chuckling, I'm sure. We all thought this was a joke, a funny blip in the history of failed presidential candidacies. Now that the dust has settled, we see there actually are people who want a racist fascist misogynistic narcissist blowhard in power. There are various reasons, apparently. I could not for the life of me figure out why this election in particular would not simply be about who is qualified, period, so I've been reading. 

So the reasoning goes- ignore the misogyny, his tweets, his racism and narcissism and egomania- these are the media's inventions!! They essentially take Trump's way out- just say it, don't provide any evidence or support for your claim and IT IS SO. Whether it is or not. Reality be damned. People will believe you. Not kidding. Look at Trump.

One of the first things that caught my eye was an argument I've put to my Republican friends when they insist sins must be legislated or that one must vote Republican/Christian/capitalist/pro-gun/pro-fetus/anti-gay rights/anti-equality/anti-welfare to be a real Christian. It gave me a laugh to see a Republican arguing this. Bookmark this and save it for next time!

"  “But Trump is NOT for us!” you object, “his essence oozes the opposite of Christian values!” I would first ask you to remember that we are NOT electing Trump to a sacred or ecclesiastical office. We are electing him to apolitical office. If this was a question of placing Trump in charge of my church or Christian organization, you would have to hogtie and hold me down in order to get me to vote for him. I am not arguing for Trump’s morality here.  "

An apolitical office! This sounds like separation of church and state! It's a position I can assure you doesn't sit well with many conservative Christians I know! (In any other time.) I'm now remembering many conversations about putting prayer back in public school, trying to get intelligent design in schools if you can't get a Bible class in there, fussing about God on money and in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Ten Commandments displayed in or around the courthouses. . . 

I should also insert here some links and arguments that demanded their candidate be the moral choice in years past. . . This is their schtick and now they have to abandon it to elect a demagogue. This should prove it has never been about values and always about politics!! Their moral high ground is GONE- if they ever had any.

As a side note, I am appalled at the way the Body has treated the members of this committee and other evangelical heavy hitters who have endorsed Trump. We are willing to let Dr. Dobson dictate the way we raise our children, yet the instant he speaks out on a political issue, we mock him and call him a coward? We make Kirk Cameron our Hollywood hero, pay big bucks to go see his films, and then call him a sell out when he makes a comment about where we should place our vote? Maybe we should let our ruffled egos settle down for a moment and consider that we would willingly adhere to the wisdom of these men on any other issue. Even if you disagree with their political choice, please have the decency to treat them with the respect that their years of faithful service to the Kingdom have warranted.

And here we have a very condescending parental reprimand to treat these famous Christian people with respect by implying that if you read their book or saw their movie, you MUST vote they way they do or you are disrespecting them and possibly are a hypocrite to boot. And ruffled egos are the problem?? Donald's ego is eclipsing everyone's ego and this guy/girl is worried about Republicans' egos who don't want the misogynistic racist Trump to be leader of the free world for many very good and explicit reasons. Respect their faithful service?? If you are FOR Trump and call yourself a Christian, there is a very definite problem in supporting hatred of women, immigrants and people of color, among many others

This bit is also pretty hilarious and is dripping with something. . .

I believe that a lot of the discontent over Trump is due to his brash nature, yes, but also because of the blow that was dealt to your pride when an outsider was able to come in and usurp the leadership of your party. This may not be true of you at all, but I am certain that it is a large part of the driving force behind the Never Trump movement. I am simply asking that you examine your motives. If you detect pride as a motivator factor, please pray to be released from it and follow the example of Ben Carson. If anyone had a bone to pick with Trump, it was Dr. Carson, but as he so wisely stated in a Fox interview when asked how he was able to get over the personal insults dealt him by Trump, “If this was about me, I could never get over it. This is about the future of our country.”
Never Trumper…get over yourself. This isn’t about your personal likes or dislikes. This is about the future of your children. If you aren’t willing to overcome your personal chagrin that an outsider could come in and do your job for you, then you have no one to blame but yourself when Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected.

The call to examine yourself and pray about it is dripping with that familiar slimy sentiment you may have experienced when in a theological argument and the person on the other end says "I'll pray for you" in the same way you'd give someone the finger.

Again, the attempt is made at sidestepping (or just telling you to dismiss it entirely) who Trump is, what is his character, what qualifies him to lead in anything and especially the presidency of the United States with this 'examine yourself, a blow was dealt to your ego because MY candidate beat YOURS' nonsense.

And the idea that you should do ANYTHING like Dr. Carson is pretty darn amusing to say the least!! Do you remember that guy?

The main takeaway from this article is vote your party this election and REPENT NOW for saying things against Donald Trump and his famous supporters. 

Go on and leave your conscience and values and opinions at home this November. So say pro-Trumpers.

I would like to end by saying I don't want to imagine a world in which Donald Trump is leader of the free world, but we should, as this article below says. I offer it as an alternative to the approach taken in the blog post above and as an answer.

From the end of the article:
Still, it is unlikely (or I simply cannot imagine) that Trump will do enough damage to democracy in the course of four years to secure a second term. After he is defeated, institutions will begin to recover. Culture, however, will sustain much more lasting damage. Our failure to understand this—and our effort to find foreign explanations for Trump’s rise—may be blinding us to the real threat he poses.

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