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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Trump and the baby. . .and nukes

I had some thoughts when I heard this reported, but upon further research, it may well be nothing. Who knows. With Trump making gaffe after gaffe and Trump being his entitled self, it seemed entirely plausible that he'd have a baby kicked out of a rally.

Here's a link. It should have video and some details:

So of course Trump denied it, which is also typical- but he may actually be telling the truth this time. So says the Washington Post. And why would they lie? He's barred them from a rally before.

He's barred not only them, but protesters too of course:

old, but, take their coats?!

So, Trump may be telling the truth. Apparently, he starts by saying he loves babies, what a baby, and it's young and beautiful and that's what we want- a lot of weird stuff, albeit mostly complimentary. Then the mother makes the decision to take the crying baby out anyway and he very subtly jokes that of course he wants that baby out of here and "I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while I'm speaking." I think there's a good case for being confused if he's just using this opportunity to say what he thinks again, though it's rude and lacking empathy and maturity or if he really is joking. It appears that he didn't throw someone out this time. If you just heard audio, it was damning.

Since there's a good chance he's not joking with his last comments-he does have a history of throwing people out and saying outrageously insensitive, racist and misogynistic things, I'll say what I thought before an internet search cast some doubt on his intentions.

Before I had a chance to look anything up, I was listening to Radio Dispatch, the Aug 5, 2016 show and they brought up some very good points. I don't want to take credit for those, though I agree.

They talked about this cruel phenomenon, common in middle school I remember personally, where a guy will ask you what you like, you tell him and then he tells you you're stupid for liking this hobby, band, book, movie, etc. Or when caught in a behavior that is rude or immature, the person will switch to hey, I was only joking, and then you don't know if that's true or not. It still feels cruel. This incident kind of felt like that, but that's par for the course. Trump's entire run is pockmarked by these immature, racist, or misogynistic gaffes and odd statements that he vomits out with no apparent control whatsoever. The fact that this one may not be true doesn't erase his many other examples of things we all can't believe he said out loud.

My thought when I heard about this fight with a baby was that he lacks self control in a rally FOR him- when poo hits the fan, we're all going to get covered in it. I mean if he can't even fake baby kissing empathy in a friendly atmosphere like most politicians, what kind of tantrum or firestorm will he unleash when he is actually under stress?! I wonder that regardless of whether this particular incident is true or not.

Shall we talk about the nukes now?? Yes? Ok.
We are all familiar with Trump's temperament. We can and have been talking about whether this will lend itself well to the presidency and diplomacy and all of the work the job ent

He wants to know why we don't use them if we make them, wouldn't take them off the table, and doesn't seem to understand why we don't use them? Really?!?! How can you

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