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Friday, September 16, 2016

Blaming the victims

There has been a trend lately by Israel of victim blaming. First we have this attempt to call opposition to illegal Jewish settlements built on Palestinian land ethnic cleansing of Jews. They want to distract people from the facts on the ground that Israel is continuing to steal land while agreeing to a two state solution and trying to *squeeze Palestinian citizens of Israel out in a very real ethnic cleansing attempt in the way of house demolitions, inferior education, building permits and other laws while saying it is a democracy.


Just this week, I heard of two more similar attempts at trying to turn the tables and change public opinion on who is in the wrong. Now, who is wrong, the oppressor or the oppressed is rarely a thing one needs to examine in very much depth, but in this situation, people get very, very confused. That first accusation was especially absurd given the gravity of the charge and the fact that Israel itself is actually guilty of ethnic cleansing.

These next two items are along the lines of criminalizing dissent among occupied Palestinians (and Palestinian citizens of Israel) and cultural expression, punishing the natural result of decades of injustice and brutal/lethal/illegal subjugation instead of simply addressing the cause and ENDING THE OCCUPATION. Attacking the effects of a bloody occupation and endless military campaigns, strangling and starving an entire population under your control is backwards and will never bring peace. No amount of military operations will get rid of the hate and violence and dissent without removing the injustice.

Now this about Facebook being compliant and willing to accommodate Israel's demands is troublesome due to what we know they consider incitement and offense. Their ethnic cleansing Israel as a state for Jews and land theft in Palestinian territory IS NOT incitement, but opposition to illegal settlements IS incitement and deemed ethnic cleansing. . . 

Facebook Is Collaborating With the Israeli Government to Determine What Should Be Censored

Notably, Israel was represented in this meeting with Facebook by Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, an extremist by all measures who has previously said she does not believe in a Palestinian state. Shaked has “proposed legislation that seeks to force social networks to remove content that Israel considers to be incitement,” and recently boasted that Facebook is already extremely compliant with Israeli censorship demands: “Over the past four months Israel submitted 158 requests to Facebook to remove inciting content,” she said, and Facebook has accepted those requests in 95 percent of the cases.

 Granted, Israel could be blowing smoke like any dictatorship, saying that they will be backed in this outrageous measure when they actually have very little or zero support, but they should still be called out on it until they are made to address the cause of the problems- OCCUPATION and its associated ills.

And the next one is about dolls. DOLLS! Dolls are causing Palestinians to not be docile little occupied sheep that don't complain when you flatten their neighborhood or attempt to starve them wholesale.

Criminalizing the culture, making sure they feel as though they don't belong anywhere. That is Israel's crime and the true incitement, denying a person's right to exist.

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