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Friday, September 16, 2016

Gymnastics sexual assault cases

A lot of cases of sexual abuse of gymnasts at the hands of coaches and a team doctor are being reported now. It's sad to know there are so many, but encouraging to see everyone coming forward out of the shadows where they were once relegated to get justice for themselves and to make it easier for girls in the future. 

One (one?? one of MANY) thing bothered me in both Tennessee Watson's case and the Jane Doe from the 2000 Olympic team's case. No one seems to be connecting the dots or really talking about this, but in both situations, the accused was also involved in a program helping kids with autism or disabilities. At first I thought- not that one is better than the other- he might be trying to atone in some way for what he did to other girls, but what makes more sense is depending on the situation, the child might be, sadly, an easier target. I wonder if this a pattern in these cases, preying on more vulnerable kids while looking like a saint in the eyes of the general public for donating their time even though they are famous coaches of elite gymnasts.

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I think this was the story that led me to the podcasts where Tennessee Watson told her story:

This is Watson's story on The Heart, a four part series:

And this is her story on the Reveal podcast:

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In this recent case I heard about the other day, 2 girls, now women, are accusing the team doctor, Dr. Nassar of various inappropriate behaviors, one being "intravaginal adjustment" for the HIPS. ?!?!

This link has more details and pervy video of some of his doctoring techniques:

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