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Friday, February 17, 2017

Women's March - Raleigh, NC - January 21, 2017

There were said to be 17,000 people in attendance!

These photos featured are my own from the actual event in Raleigh, but there are links to many more at the end!

Here's some local coverage for the Raleigh event:

Marches on every continent, here are some photos of that:

Many Congressmen bowed out of inauguration attendance and a few stood with the women marching the next day, notably Gutierrez: 
Here are some more not attending, though it may not reference the Women's March. Some 70 Democrats boycotted.

A week before the March, Trump made a claim, then some evidence to the contrary was presented. . . 
I wrote at the time- didn't the Cheeto elect just say formal wear in DC is sold out :p
". . .to retail shop owners saying they’ve never seen less demand for formal party wear. ."
D.C. official: We've received 200 bus parking applications for inauguration, 1,200 for Women's March

This below may not be credible, but certainly is true to his character. There was a Rogue POTUS staff account that we all were hoping was legit in the early days that likely isn't. In the spirit of the time capsule, I'll keep it in the mix.

Insider: Donald Trump, exasperated by protesters, yells “Don’t they know I’m the f—ing president?”

Lard being sent to office of NC senator who knocked women’s marchers

What did she say??
“Message to crazies @ Women’s March - If Brains were lard, you couldn’t grease a small skillet. You know who you are,” Krawiec’s tweet said.

Read more here:

One of the leaders of the Washington, DC March, Linda Sarsour, was accused of terrorism by the right leaning tabloids simply for being a Muslim Palestinian American- or rather- excuse me- for holding up her index finger?! (because that's an ISIS sign???)

Since the election, I've seen many activist groups spring up, some very good, some less good in dealing with diversity, or intersectionality. I've read comments from people of color feeling unwelcome and alienated, some were all white to begin with, in the women's groups. I struggle myself with how best to use my privilege to help, how the majority can show up and support (as in being there in such numbers to prevent police violence) but not take over and tell them how to run a movement a minority is leading (such as Black Lives Matter). I feel clumsy talking about it, I certainly am no expert, but we all need to do better listening to each other to do the most good.  

What every White Person Attending the Women's March Needs to Know:

Or, as feminist icon Gloria Steinem told the New YorkTimes, “Sexism is always made worse by racism — and vice versa.”

Two articles I found helpful in parsing the difficulties of race within sexism:


There was an anti-choice rally very near the Women's March event on the same day and there was a sign war near the end. I hope the pictures show some of it. 

In the Women's March Washington, DC, The pro-choice and anti-choice groups butted heads but decided to march together.

A post march confrontation of sorts?

 Not so for the Women's March in Raleigh, I believe- they had their own rally:

Note the creeping in of the giant fetus sign of anti-choicers trying to be visible from the front near the stage and the dedicated effort of other sign holders to block them out. I have a hard time calling them pro-life with the disregard for education, birth control, welfare, peace, healthcare and other programs that help once you're outside the womb.

Other signs from the Women's Marches:

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