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Monday, July 24, 2017

Should we in fact, 'try Kamala Harris'?

So names are popping up for possible party leadership or possible challengers to our nectarine nightmare in 2020. One of those names has been Kamala Harris. She's been composed, intelligent, concise and persistent in the face of stodgy white male supremacy in the Senate and everything you'd want in an elected official questioning potential Cabinet members. I admit, I've enjoyed her outspoken statements and tweets. I get her emails and I've imagined her as President. Of course I have. 

OPINION | Dems need a fresh face for 2020: Try Kamala Harris

I disagree that lack of experience as a legislator is a serious problem- Obama was a junior Senator and Trump had ZERO. She seems to be nationally known with the several instances of being interrupted and calling attention to sexism in the Senate- the piece seems to think she's not that well known.

Here's her commencement speech to Howard University:

BUT. . . we should also consider a few things. She's a prosecutor. I know! One thinks usually that's not a place for liberals, looking to get convictions ruthlessly, fill jails, be tough on crime, etc. 

I did read this, though, which sheds a bit different light on that part at least:

Through a Facebook group for my favorite podcast, Radio Dispatch, I became aware of these other stances Harris has taken. She has the fortitude and composure to really make a splash and shift things to the left - hopefully. These couple of stances though, if indicative of her current mindset, really don't bode well for her being a candidate I could support enthusiastically.

Prop K was going to finally address the prostitution issue and stop criminalizing the women (and targeting women of color) and rather rehabilitate them. Harris called it ridiculous. There's the tough on crime liberal I was hoping not to see. 

And while it didn't hurt her election to the Senate obviously, it's problematic to see these blips.

So, in short, I don't know, but I do know we should soberly look into any possible candidate. Don't simply get star struck because she speaks intelligently and we haven't heard anything like that in months.

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